Summer Dresses

Summer is here and I have been LIVING in dresses like these for the past few weeks. They’re all by the same brand – Reformation. They make the most gorgeous dresses and I am SO happy they’re finally carried on Nordstrom! I recently found out Reformation is a sustainable brand which makes me love them even more!!! I had to throw this linen jumpsuit in the dress mix because it’s just too good…and it happened to be one of the most popular items from my Fashion Wishlist Pinterest board. If you ever want to see what’s on my wish list, or items I’ve recently bought – I update this board Monday-Friday! In addition to being carried on Nordstrom, Reformation has their own website and the selection is to-die-for. Literally I want to buy every single one of their summer dresses! I just scored this red printed dress in one of the last sizes, and this linen sweetheart style dress. I love a midi dress cut because it’s flattering on any body type. Reformation always makes a beautiful cinched waist/bodice which accentuates your curves even more. I find that their dresses run a bit on the smaller side. So I typically size up if I am between sizes. I get a ton of questions asking me what bra I wear with silk/strapless/tank top dresses and these nipple petals are a LIFESAVER. I wear them pretty much everyday. Shop more of my favorite Summer Dresses below!
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How To Plan A Bachelorette Party

I’ve planned two bachelorette parties now; one for my childhood best friend and one for my sister, and wanted to share everything I’ve learned from organizing both. There are a TON of logistics that go into a bachelorette party – it can be quite overwhelming to be honest!!! Hopefully this guide full of tips will be helpful and take some of the stress away! How To Plan A Bachelorette PartyTimelineUsually bachelorette parties occur around 2-3 months before the wedding. You should connect with the bride and get the emails for everyone she wants to invite. Send out a mass email to the list of girls with 3 weekends that work for the bride and then choose 1 weekend that works best for the majority. If you don’t want to go the mass email route – you can create a free poll at that tallies the responses. Once you’ve decided on a date, send out an invite with: date, time, location, a general itinerary, and an approximate cost breakdown. 2 weeks before the party, send a follow up email with more details such as: travel specifics, a packing list (if there are certain outfits needed i.e. you want all the girls to wear black one night), gift ideas (if you’re asking everyone to wrap a piece of lingerie for a guessing game), food allergies, payment reminders etc. Packing ListNext to each activity on the itinerary it’s always nice to give a little outfit suggestion. For example, Wine Tasting – sundress and sandals. Night out – wear all black. You can send a friendly reminder for people to bring certain things like; sunscreen, Advil, mini travel size shampoos (if you’re staying at an airbnb), cash, and heels. GiftsA popular game at bachelorette parties is everyone brings a wrapped piece of lingerie and the bride has to guess who brought it. Some people bring silk pjs, robes, eye masks – it doesn’t just have to be bras/underwear. Other than that, guests aren’t really required to bring a gift. In terms of being the Maid of Honor/Host of the party, it’s always nice to give all of the guests a goodie bag upon arrival. You can fill it with all of the essentials; bandaids, Advil, coconut water, flip flops, a personalized T-shirt, candy, sunglasses etc… For my sister’s bachelorette party I wanted to go all out so I found these amazing faux leather bags for under $10 (don’t they look so much more expensive?!) that are soooo versatile and go with everything. I stuffed them with fun items like; Skyn Iceland face masks, TCHO chocolate bars, Sweet Reason CBD water, BEV canned rose, stripe straws, heart sunglasses, personalized wine glasses, Supergoop sunscreen, Kopari lipgloss, Goop bubblebath + glow kits, and Essie nail polish. My sister hand wrote notes to to go inside each bag which was such a nice touch. GamesI mentioned the lingerie game above, another game we love to play is a Q & A for the fiancé. You can look up questions online, but I’ll share a few of my favorites that we’ve asked each groom-to-be. “What was your first date?” “What’s your biggest pet peeve of your significant other?” “What’s your favorite thing about them?” “When did you know they were the one?” “What’s their favorite food?” “What is one thing you did to impress them when you were first dating?” “What’s their biggest quirk?” “What’s your favorite body part of theirs?” “Where’s the craziest you’ve ever had sex?” “What’s something no one knows about them except for you?” You can either email these questions or have them record a video of themselves answering for all of the girls to watch! At the bachelorette party, ask the bride-to-be these questions and have her guess the answers, then read them back to her. Another game that’s fun is with Dare Cards. The bride has to act out whatever the card says, so things like “Take a picture the bartender.” “Ask a random guy for a piggy back ride.” etc. ActivitiesThis will vary based on city and time of year, but I’ll share what we did in The Hamptons. We were a group of 20 girls total, so we decided to enjoy our days and late nights out and then have all of our dinners at the house we rented. I ordered HelloFresh for the 3 nights we were there – and it was PERFECT because I didn’t have to grocery shop and the meal kit was delivered right to the front door. This was WAY more cost effective than eating out, and just made more sense since it’s so hard to seat 20 people at a restaurant on a weekend. FYI you can use this link to receive $80 off your first month using HelloFresh! Here’s a brief rundown of our itinerary for the weekend: Friday – check into Airbnb, wine tasting at Wolffer Vineyards, head home to refresh and relax, enjoy appetizers and HelloFresh dinner at house, Uber to Talkhouse (Friday night is the best night to go), Saturday – breakfast at house, Gurney’s Montauk beach club, head home to swim/hang out/refresh, enjoy appetizers and dinner at house, Uber to Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer’s, Sunday – breakfast at house, check out, people walk around town at their leisure before heading home. SuppliesYou have to get the bride a sash! I ordered my sister this one. She can wear it on one or both of the nights out. In terms of decor – it’s totally up to you and will be different for everyone. I personally spent my time investing in the food, booze, goodie bags, and itinerary rather than a ton of decor. Some people like to do funny decor like blow up the groom-to-be’s face on cardboard cut outs, put the groom-to-be’s face on temporary tattoos, personalized streamers from Etsy with the wedding hashtag, flowers, balloons, and other typical bachelorette paraphernalia. Custom T-shirts or accessories are also popular. For my sister, we ordered a tie dye kit and plain white bandanas off Amazon so everyone could make their own piece to take home. It was a nice activity for everyone to do by the pool, and super cost effective compared to custom T-shirts! For food/drinks you definitely want to have the house fully stocked with chips, salsa, guacamole, popcorn, yogurt, granola, bagels, frozen pizzas, straws, paper plates, napkins, booze and mixers. CostIt’s no secret that bachelorette parties are expensive. They’re expensive for the person hosting/planning it and the guests attending. Sometimes the bride and maid of honor will cover a lot of the costs such as accommodations/housing, meals, entrance fees, goodie bags, food/booze and more. Sometimes the bride won’t pay for anything and her guests will pick up everything down to the Ubers. I personally think it’s a really nice touch when the bride and/or maid of honor cover something like the accommodations (since flights can often be so expensive for guests), or at least the goodie bags. I hope this bachelorette party guide provided a few helpful tips for your weekend! It’s such a special time for a bride-to-be and all of her loved ones to come together and celebrate her! I’ll be sure to update this post with even more ideas and tips after each bachelorette party I attend in the future! If you like this post on how to plan a bachelorette party, also, check out: How To Create A Healthy Girls Spa Getaway, and An Outdoor Dinner Party At Home.
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A Timeless Outfit

During the week, you’ll usually find me in a timeless outfit consisting of: jeans, a blazer, and a simple T or cami. If I have a meeting, I’ll throw on heels, but if I’m just grabbing lunch with a friend, I’ll wear my Hermes Oran sandals. I like to bring a big bag so I can carry an extra pair of shoes just in case plans change. I often get asked how I can walk in heels around the city; the truth is I carry flats with me or Uber! I can realistically walk about 20 minutes or so in heels until I reach the point of no return haha. These heels are under $35 and WAY easier to walk in then my other pairs. Everyone needs an inexpensive pair of strappy black sandals – especially if you live in NYC. The streets and weather BEAT your shoes up! I love a black blazer with gold buttons because it adds just the right amount of glamour and sophistication to a classic piece. Pair it with a simple white V-neck and chunky gold jewelry. This black blazer, this one, and this one are all great quality. (I can attest to that because I’ve tried them all on!) I ordered these Levi’s after seeing them on Helena and LOVE the way they look. They’re definitely not stretchy and take 1-2 times to break them in, but once they do – you’ll be hooked and always reach for them. The cutout in both knees is perfectly proportioned and somehow still looks put together/not overly distressed. I could see a white ruffle, off the shoulder top looking beautiful paired with these.
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The Perfect Date Night Dress

TGIF! I was home sick alllll week and I’m finally feeling better. I managed to have a productive week at home and got through a huge pile of administrative stuff that I’ve been putting off forever. Sometimes getting sick is a good reminder to stop, slow down, and shift our focus to other things! A ton of you sent me helpful remedies that worked wonders – lemon, ginger, honey tea was one of them, and then oil pulling with oregano oil was another – so thank you!!!! The Perfect Date Night DressWhen I had leaps and bounds of energy last week – I wore this beautiful Reformation dress to dinner and drinks at Morandi. This dress is ahhh-mazing on and can be styled with everything from a white button down to a leather jacket. An ivory silk trench would even be pretty. Or a green army jacket. So many options!!!! I often get asked what to wear on date nights and this dress is just one of those perfect date night pieces. Wear it with flats or heels. A simple leather clutch or a fun pom pom bag like this one. And of course lots of gold jewelry. I paired Julie Vos gold bangles with classic gold hoops for a super feminine look. If you ever need a last minute dress to wear on a date, to a birthday, cocktail party, bridal shower, you name it…get a Reformation dress. The quality of their dresses is impeccable and the cuts are always feminine, but still cool, modern, but still classic. They have just the slightest bohemian/laid back feel which makes them so versatile since they look equally as good with heels or flats. FYI I typically size up in their dresses! I couldn’t resist ordering this bright red number and cannot wait until it arrives in the mail. Enjoy your weekend!
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