Wedding Nail + Beauty Prep

My little sister Kameryn is getting MARRIED! I wanted to share everything we did beauty wise to get ready for her big day! My sister is a total minimalist when it comes to beauty, so it was really fun to introduce her to some of my favorite products and rituals. It’s amazing how a few small additions can make such a huge difference in person – and especially in photos! First things first, let’s talk about wedding nails! Beautiful, manicured nails are SO important on a wedding day. Whether you’re the Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, or Guest – you’re most likely going to be photographed up close holding champagne, flowers, huggings friends and family, etc. so having pretty nails is a MUST! In terms of color, I LOVE Essie’s Gel Couture shades, particularly; Lace Me Up, Lace Is More, Matter of Fiction, and At The Barre. What’s great about Essie’s Gel Couture polish is that it’s a two-step, longwear polish that lasts almost as long as a gel manicure, but applies and can be removed like regular polish! It’s ideal because it’s made to last and won’t chip through all of the important wedding festivities. I just love the fact that you don’t have to use UV lamps or do any harsh scraping/damage to your nails to remove the polish!!! For the big day, my sister and I chose the same color – Lace Me Up. We loved this classic light pink shade, and would 100% wear this in our everyday life too. It had just the right amount of pigmentation so it really stood out. (You know how some light pink colors can be too pale? This one was not at all!) We matched our nails to our toes, and got mani/pedis the day before the rehearsal dinner so they would be super fresh! Kameryn decided to get a hair + makeup artist to do her wedding look the day of, and then I am going to do my own (I generally always like to do my own hair + makeup!) We both got lymph facial massages by my friend Erin earlier this week to de-puff and hydrate our skin. These massages really sculpt your cheekbones, drain out any water retention, soothe jaw tension, and give you a gorgeous all over glow. Other than that, we honestly kept our wedding beauty routines pretty simple, and both just wanted to look NATURAL! Feeling comfortable in your own skin is SO important on your wedding day and really shows through in photos. I cannot wait to see my sister on her special day – and I just know she will be on cloud nine this entire weekend!!!
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A Classic September Outfit

Hello hello! It feels good to be blogging again after a few weeks off. Thomas and I went to Italy 2 weeks ago, and for the first time EVER I didn’t bring my laptop. It’s crazy to think that in 9 years of running my business, I hadn’t fully disconnected and left my laptop at home until then! It was much needed and really, really important for me to relax, be present, and leave my work demands at home. This was a super transformative summer for me, and with a new season upon us, I’m feeling extra reflective. I wanted to share a little life update + recap as well as this fall-esque outfit! Life UpdateAs most of you have seen on IG – I’ve been dating my boyfriend Thomas now for the past few months. We actually met 4 years ago, and went on one date, but I was moving to Paris the following week for the entire summer, so we lost touch. Fast forward to me moving back to NYC… I threw a housewarming party, and our mutual friend reconnected us. T and I hit it off (again) immediately and the rest is kind of history! He moved in, and I could not be more excited to start this new chapter of my life with him! Timing really is everything, and love usually comes into your life when you’re least expecting it. For all you single ladies – some advice, don’t be with anyone you can’t be 100% yourself with. Don’t let ANYONE dull your sparkle (as cheesy as that sounds), and do not settle – ever. Love yourself and build a life you’re proud of, and you will attract your person I guarantee it. DO YOU and the rest will fall into place. And trust me, when you know, you know. I’ve been blogging a bit less than usual this summer, purely because I’ve been wanting to enjoy my new relationship/put my personal life first for once, AND because I’ve had a huge increase in IG only dedicated projects that are super time consuming! It’s been interesting to see how the industry has shifted and changed over the years – and it has changed A LOT. To be honest, I’m still figuring out how to run my blog and IG (which are essentially two very different and demanding platforms and businesses) at the same time! This summer, I really prioritized my relationships and just tried to create more of a work/life balance overall. I feel healthier and happier than ever before no doubt because of this. HighlightsThere were so many highlights this summer – it really was the best summer of my life! I’ll share a few! Obviously reconnecting with Thomas was #1 and our trip to Italy was incredible. I’ll be updating the Rome and Capri sections of my Travel App with some fun new spots we checked out. You know I loooove to travel, so all of my trips this summer were really special. From Montauk, to Nantucket, LA, Santa Barbara, Rome and Capri – I enjoyed each and every destination! Settling into my new NYC apartment has been great, I adore my neighborhood, the space, and all of the new friends I’ve made around me. Being featured in the EARN IT book alongside Tory Burch and Martha Stewart was definitely a career highlight, and sharing my journey on The Skinny Confidential podcast was another! Lastly, celebrating my sister’s engagement and now wedding (which is in 2 days!) has been so meaningful. I finally finished my MOH speech last night and can’t stop tearing up thinking about it! Thank youIt’s been such a joy to connect with you, my readers, on here, via email, in person, and on IG over the last (almost decade!) and especially this summer with everything that has been going on in my life. I’m so grateful for the community of women I’m surrounded by, and hope that my content and platforms continue to be a source of positivity, inspiration, and wisdom for years to come! Thank you for your continued support. XO Kat
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Clean Beauty Favorites

I’ve been slowly swapping out my beauty cabinet with cleaner products for the last 4 years. It’s been a transition, and involved a lot of trial and error, but I feel so much better knowing I’m putting cleaner products on my body. I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite products from Beautycounter that I’ve been using since I first became interested in clean beauty. Beautycounter What I love about Beautycounter is that their mission has been to get cleaner and safer products in the hands of everyone since Day 1. They have really focused on educating their customers about which harmful ingredients to avoid and been advocates for better laws in the personal care industry. They prohibit the use of over 1,500 questionable ingredients in their line – yes 1,500! I also love that their products actually WORK. More often than not, I’ve been rather disappointed in some of the clean beauty products I’ve tried, but I can honestly say I’ve never not liked a single item from Beautycounter. What makes their products so great? They’re clean, high quality, luxurious, affordable, AND the packaging is GORGEOUS. I love staring at their products on my vanity because they’re just so darn pretty haha. Aesthetics are important especially with things that you’re using and looking at everyday, am I right?! None of their products are overly scented (you know that intense fake, perfume smell I’m talking about) which is MAJOR for me because I’m really sensitive to scents. My Favorite Clean Beauty Products Ok, so where do I begin?! Ok well, the first product I was ever introduced to was actually their body wash. It’s hard to find a clean body wash that smells and feels good – and this one definitely fits the bill. It has the most subtle citrus scent and makes my skin so smooth! You can’t go wrong with their pretty light pink lipgloss in Opal Moonstone, Essential Brush Set (which is 100% animal hair free), Balancing Face Oil (you know I’m addicted to face oil!), Mattifying Powder, and Luminous Highlighter. Two Clean Anti-Aging Products To Know About Two newer products that I’ve been testing for the last month and love are the Ultra Renewal Eye Cream and the Tripeptide Radiance Serum. Both are from their Countertime Collection, which is all about anti-aging and packed with Retinatural Complex. It’s been really hard for me to find a clean eye cream that I like, and I am so relieved that I have FINALLY found one! The texture of this one is buttery smooth, blends beautifully, and I noticed my under eye circles are way more faint. Serums are something that I was unfamiliar with until about a year ago, and I’m so glad I started incorporating them into my skincare routine. The Tripeptide Radiance Serum can be applied before your moisturizer or face oil, and it just gives you that extra boost of hydration and glow. This one really evens out my skin and makes me more confident to go sans makeup on my off days. What are some of your favorite clean beauty products? How important is it to you to incorporate clean products into your routine? I would love to know!
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A Silky Red Dress

I saw this silky red dress online and couldn’t believe the price – it’s under $100! The material is a really thick, high-quality viscose that looks and feels JUST like silk! It’s available here and here in a few more sizes. It’s the perfect little silky red dress for date night isn’t it?! The brand ASTR makes so many cute dresses (I own several!) that are all super affordable, flattering and feminine. Amazon Fashion carries a great selection and has an entire ASTR “shop” page devoted to the brand. A few that caught my eye while I was perusing the site were….this stunning coral midi dress, this strappy criss cross back LBD, this linen flutter sleeve dress (which I own in both colors!), and this easy white sundress. Nordstrom also has an amazing selection of their pieces – I particularly love this dress, this cream blouse, and these linen trousers. For accessories, I wore my favorite Alexandre Birman heels that also happen to be insanely comfortable. I can legit walk/stand in them for hours, and they’re just such a classy pair of shoes. They are a splurge, but have been one of my go-to heels for years! I’ve worn them so much I’ve had them re-soled! Shop this look + a few more of my fave affordable ASTR pieces below!
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