Learning How To Be An Ally

I am deeply horrified, saddened, and overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness by the racial injustice taking place in America today. I’ve spent these past few days educating myself, trying to stay informed, and looking for ways to take action against this unjust reality. I am committed to being an ally. I am committed to being actively anti-racist, because simply being “not racist” is not enough. Being an ally to me, means continuing to educate myself, listening to black men and women, signing petitions, donating to charities that advocate for POC, regularly talking to my friends and family about these issues, teaching my future children from a young age how to be an ally, supporting and encouraging brands to show diversity on their platforms, voting, taking the census, calling + writing to representatives, and standing up for injustice when I see it. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And as I become more informed and educated on this topic, I will be updating and adding to this post. No one should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. No one deserves to be living in fear or suppressing themselves in order to not get arrested, profiled, ridiculed, or killed. I will never be able to know or understand what black men and women in America have been through, but I will stand with them. I will speak up, I will take action. None of us have all of the answers, but we must start somewhere. Learning How To Be An Ally Have conversations about racial injustice with your family and friends – this video really helped me start Talk to your kids or commit to talking to your future children about this – here’s a list of some great books Educate yourself by reading about racial injustice – I just ordered this book Support and encourage more brands to represent and work with POC Support black owned businesses – I have a lot of research to do here Check in on your black friends and let them know that you’re thinking of them and there for them Request an absentee ballot so you can vote without contact Vote during the primaries for state and local officials, not just during the presidential election Donate to the NAACP Donate to the The Loveland Foundation Donate to George Floyd’s family Text FLOYD to 55156 to sign the petition Contact state and local leaders Take a stand against injustice when you see it Use your voice and your power to bring awareness to this important issue whether it be on social media, or elsewhere Continue having these conversations and taking action weeks, months, years from now The last thing that I will say, is that everyone has a voice. So please use yours in a positive way. Don’t let the fear of misspeaking hold you back. We are all human and no one is perfect. This quote really resonated with me, “Empathy: Let me hold the door for you. I may have never walked in your shoes, but I can see your soles are worn, your strength is torn under the weight of a story I have never lived before. Let me hold the door for you. After all you’ve walked through, It’s the least I can do.” -MHN
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Nordstrom Picks Under $100

Happy Friday! One of my favorite stores; Nordstrom, just marked down hundreds of styles under $100. I wanted to share the classic staple pieces that caught my eye, as well as a few Father’s Day gift ideas and beauty items! Classic Pieces Under $100 These two easy spring/summer dresses are both under $100. I love the subtle floral print on this one, and you can’t go wrong with this black off the shoulder dress! I can’t believe how inexpensive these strappy sandals are and they come in multiple colors! I love that the heel isn’t insanely high. This Rails button down is a wardrobe essential – I have it in white, but really love this light seafoam green color to style with white jeans. For Father’s Day – this Peter Millar zip up would be PERFECT, and so would these Chelsea boots for under $65. Thomas LOVES Peter Millar and always raves about the quality of their clothing. For your dog, get this chic all black travel carrier. It’s the best looking one I’ve seen and I just ordered it to replace the other one I had! A few beauty items that I’m coveting…One of my favorite candles; Diptyque 34, just came back in stock at Nordstrom (I have the big one in my entryway!) I’ve heard amazing things about this Hourglass lipgloss and this nude-pink color is gorgeous. My girlfriend was just raving about this Sunday Riley Good Genes serum, so I’m excited to try it out! Shop the rest of my budget-friendly under $100 picks below!
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My Favorite Dishes

I truly enjoy collecting dishes. I think it’s so fun to mix and match different colors, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes. You never know what mood or occasion will arise, and it’s nice to be able to switch things up seasonally. I dream of the day I can have a walk in pantry just for all of my dishes and platters… Rattan Glasses + Pitchers Rattan pieces are ideal for spring or summer. I’ve actually been using my rattan glasses as a simple water cup everyday because I like the way they look out on my desk or nightstand. I feel like it motivates me to drink more water! They look beautiful displayed in a glass cabinet, on a dinner table, or even on the counter filled with flowers. Gold Rimmed Teacups + Bowls + Plates Dauville gold rimmed dinnerware is so unique and can be used for special occasions or everyday. I use their gold rimmed teacups (hand wash only) when I drink tea, their gold rimmed bowls for fun brunches (fruit looks stunning in them), and their cake plate for birthdays. These ones from H&M home are a great dupe! Blue + White Spongeware Dishes Tory Burch makes the most iconic blue + white dishes. You may remember this spring tablescape I did with all of her pieces. I’m dying to get my hands on these smoke ring patterned plates to mix and match with the ones I currently have. The pitcher from this collection is a MUST HAVE for lemonade in the summer and flowers throughout the year. Everyday White Plates + Bowls My classic white plates and bowls come from Hudson Grace at the Brentwood Country Mart. They’re made in Italy and hand glazed. They are the “organic” style so they’re slightly imperfect which I love. They feel really luxe and special, but are casual enough to use everyday. They are microwave safe, but I don’t recommend microwaving them for too long as they do heat up. Many of you have asked where my classic white mug is from – and it’s from the same collection. Everyday Glass Cups I have drinking glasses from Hudson Grace, but they’re pricy. I found these ones from Crate + Barrel that are basically identical and more affordable. Growing up, we had these glass tumblers which I’d buy in a heartbeat if I had the cabinet space! Wine Glasses These hand blown glasses can be used for water and wine, aren’t they elegant? These ones are super similar and 1/4 of the price! You can’t go wrong with a simple wine glass like this… If I’m being completely honest, I truly hate those wine glasses with a flat base. I don’t know why, I just find them tacky and way too modern. I also don’t like stemless glasses, again this is just personal preference. For parties, I order bulk sets of these wine glasses so that guests can drink out of a nice glass, but I also don’t have to worry if it breaks. Martini + Champagne Glasses One of the most frequently asked questions I get on IG is; Where do you get your martini coupes? They are available here! They’d also make fabulous dessert dishes if you’re having a dinner party! Italian Splatterware (Outdoor Friendly) My friend Jen got me hooked on Italian splatterware. I couldn’t resist ordering an entire set for summer. Perfect al fresco dining pieces. Speckled Ceramic Plates + Bowls For my cookbook shoot, we used a ton of Humble Ceramics plates + bowls. They’re expensive, but so worth it. Helena and Alicia recently shared these Sarah Kersten bowls that have a similar vibe and are just to die for! Shop all of my favorite dishes below!
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NYC Rooftop Dinner

Thomas and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on our rooftop last week! It was the most beautiful night and we enjoyed a delicious meal from one of our favorite restaurants; Carbone. The spicy rigatoni dish is to die for! An Elegant TablescapeI wanted to make our table look elegant and effortless. I put out a white linen tablecloth, navy blue linen napkins, silver napkin rings, and rattan placemats. My glassware is from Hudson Grace, and my silverware is actually from Bed, Bath and Beyond a few years ago! I put simple white hydrangeas in a clear glass pitcher for a relaxed, summery look. Tapered white candlesticks completed the table. Blue Floral Top + Skirt SetThis blue floral top + skirt set has been hanging in my closet for months waiting to be worn! It’s from one of my favorite brands; Misa Los Angeles. They make the most stunning colorful, printed pieces. I modified this top and scrunched the middle together to make it into a crop top. I used a safety pin to hold the fabric together – such an easy little DIY crop top hack! I have 2 of these Misa skirts and they’re even prettier in person. What I love about them is that they have a comfortable elastic waist, flow beautifully when you move, and are super flattering. They’re also made of a wrinkle resistant material so you legit never have to steam or iron them. AccessoriesFor shoes, I wore my favorite Aquazzura lace up sandals. Their heels are 100% worth the splurge because they last forever, never go out of style, and don’t kill your feet when you walk in them! I put on these fun V. Chapman gold cross earrings for a Dolce & Gabbana, Italian inspired look and kept the rest of my jewelry simple. These earrings have quickly become my go-to for date night!
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