With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

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Happy Friday!

Not gonna lie, this week was a tricky one.  I faced roadblock after roadblock, and felt defeated and frustrated at the end of each day.  I relied on my go-to coping with stress mechanisms; meditation, calling friends/family, going for a walk, pizza!, puppy snuggles and blasting music, but nothing was able to really shake off the bad juju.

So, I decided to stop shrugging things off that were bothering me, and face certain people and challenges head on.  It felt good to address these issues and much to my surprise – most people were very receptive to my feedback and things started to change for the better.  There are still a few things up in the air, but I created a set of back-up options because in life – and especially in business – you should never get too comfortable.  Period.

Another technique that greatly helped clear the air and my headspace was PURGING.  I went on a rampant cleaning spree and tossed everything from half used tubs of protein powder I didn’t end up liking, to old beauty products, certain gifted items, and legit HALF MY WARDROBE!  Which is lucky for you – because you can now shop my wardrobe on Poshmark :)  Most items are new with tags or have been worn once.

Sending you all lots of love and wishing you a wonderful weekend! X


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