With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

Easiest Appetizer

Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party or were asked to bring something to a party, thinking of what to bring and make can be tricky.  Stress no more. This appetizer has been a huge hit at every party I’ve brought it to.

Brie and Phyllo Dough
1 French baguette
1 wheel Brie cheese
1 box Phyllo dough (frozen food section)
1/4 cup Brown sugar
1/4 cup Sliced almonds
1 tablespoon Butter

Use cheese grater to get rid of all white wax on brie.  Put brown sugar, then almonds on top.  Wrap 5 sheets phyllo dough around brie.  Melt butter and brush over any open edges to seal.  The butter will also help in making the top a nice golden brown. Bake at 325 degrees until golden brown or about 30 minutes.

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