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Charlie's 1st Puppy Birthday Party

Venice, CA

I threw my puppy Charlie a 1st birthday party last weekend and couldn’t wait to share these pictures with you!  I adopted Charlie from Vanderpump Dogs last July after seeing his little face pop up in the window the second I walked by.  It was love at first sight. I wasn’t even planning on getting a dog that day, but couldn’t resist going inside the rescue center after seeing him!  I was nervous when I first got him because I didn’t know how to take care of a dog, but I learned very fast and we instantly created a bond/connection.

I had another post scheduled for today’s Wellness Series but am going to save it for next week.  It’s been a pretty emotional past few weeks for me. Between getting my identity stolen, bank account hacked, having to fire an employee, family drama, behind the scenes blog stuff going awry, and most recently breaking up with my boyfriend – I am beyond thankful for Charlie.  Charlie has honestly been the best thing to ever happen to me.

He’s my best friend and makes living alone, so much less lonely.  

He makes quiet evenings at home so much better and he taught me how to love again as cheesy as that sounds… He’s this positive little ball of energy that is with me all day and all night through the thick and thin.  It’s insane how dogs can pick up on your mood and they know when you’re happy or sad.  Also, he has been so sweet licking away my tears and cuddling with me every morning.  If you’re thinking of getting a dog you won’t regret it.  Animals are the best.

As far as decor went for my party – I wanted to keep things pretty low key/casual!

I had my friend Yvonne who bakes the yummiest vegan treats make custom dog bone shaped cookies, chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and a beautiful vanilla cake for the big day.  I put out a big cheese board with marcona almonds, tons of different cheese, grapes, and crackers.  Also, I ordered Mexican food from the most delicious place in Venice that makes homemade tortillas, had tons of drinks and mixers laid out, and put on a good playlist.  Everyone had a blast including the dogs who were running playing with all of the toys and eating every treat in sight haha!

The most special part of the entire day was when Charlie got to reunite with his actual mom and sister who he was at the pound with!  I was able to get in touch with their owners and we all agreed to bring them back together!  It was crazy – they remembered each other instantly and Charlie gravitated toward them the entire party.  Seeing them play and him so happy – made me so happy – my heart was literally bursting!  Ok tearing up now writing this haha… seriously it was the sweetest moment. <3

Charlie’s 1st Puppy Birthday Party











Joie dress // Mink Pink dress (had to change since I got chocolate on my dress lol!) // Wisteria coffee table // Teepee // Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen treats

My LA Home Tour

Venice, CA

I’m so excited to finally share my LA Home Tour with you!

I moved into my Venice beach house a year and a half ago from NYC.  I instantly fell in love with Venice after renting an airbnb here 2 summers ago.  I love that I can walk everywhere, how friendly and warm everyone is, the amazing, gourmet restaurants and mix of high end and eclectic specialty shops, and the laid-back surfer, beach town vibe.  It’s an incredibly unique place and I’m so happy to have landed here!

I’ll be talking more about my decor process and style later this week through photos, but for now here are links to where everything is from and the grand tour!  My home is definitely more beachy/coastal inspired than my NYC apartment and I incorporated a lot of white/bright neutrals to give it that airy feel.

I hope you enjoy!

Entry: Artwork // Bench // Baskets // Surfboard // Bike // Rug // Living Room: Curtains // Console // Sofa + Chair // Bar console // Rug // Plant baskets  // Dining Room: Chandelier // Pillows // Chairs // Table // Kitchen: Barstools // Straw tote // Rug // Pendant lights // Le Creuset pot // Ladder // Stairs: Macrame // Mirror // Bedroom: Baskets // Chair // Bed (another option) // Bench // Dressers // Lamps // Rug // Office/Closet: Coffee table // Desk // Bookshelves // Mirror // Chandelier // Rug // Backyard: Outdoor Dining Set

Currently Coveting

Happy Friday – and happy AUGUST!

I already feel a new rush/wave of energy don’t you?  July was all over the place for me and it feels good to enter into August with a more clear head and exciting projects and things in the works!  There are still a few days left to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale – in case you missed my picks you can shop them here.

Now onto what I’m currently coveting this week…

It’s pretty much summer weather year round here in LA so easy little summer dresses like this, and cute sandals never go away.  I just splurged on the white Hermes sandals and am SO excited to break them in!  White shoes are very in right now and I’m not mad about it!  I am also love these white heeled Schutz sandals.  What do you think about the white shoe trend – yes or no?  Shop all of my wish list items below and have a great weekend!

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Best Workouts in NYC and LA

West Hollywood, LA

I’ve tried just about every type of workout and workout class under the sun and wanted to share a roundup of my favorites here with you!  Whether you’re visiting or live in NYC or LA, these are the workouts that cannot be missed.  Read through to see what this week’s giveaway is…it’s a big one!

The best workouts in NYC and LA…

Love Yoga Venice (LA)

This boutique yoga studio is so unassuming and laid back.  There’s no intense check in area (the yoga instructor teaching the class just casually checks you in), and the space is small and intimate.  The style of flow focuses on breath work and deep stretching so I always leave feeling restored, balanced, and 3 inches taller.  My favorite teachers are Miki and Hannah.

Box Union (LA)

It is essentially the Soul Cycle of boxing.  The room is dark and sexy, the music is amazing, and the class is so high energy/peppy it goes by in the blink of an eye.  If I am ever in a rut – I know I can go here, sweat it out, shake up any bad vibes I was feeling and walk out of the class totally high on endorphins.  Make sure to book a class with Deja – she books up fast but is definitely the best teacher there!!!

Hot 8 Yoga (LA)

This is one of my favorite heated Bikram yoga classes.  The sculpt class is insane and will literally sculpt your bod within a few sessions… Charlotte McKinney always goes to the class I go to at the Santa Monica location – talk about bod goals!  Take a class with Leigh he’s fabulous.

Hike Runyon Canyon or Solstice Canyon (LA)

Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities in LA – and it’s free!  Head to Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood and then to a yummy brunch right after, or drive along PCH to Malibu and spend the day at Solstice Canyon followed by a smoothie at Sun Life at the Malibu Country Mart.

Love For Pilates or Studio MDR (LA)

Love For Pilates isn’t related to Love Yoga but they both have a low key vibe.  Also, Love For Pilates is a very small studio (I go to the one in Santa Monica) that focuses on slow movements that really get your muscles fired up and toned.  Honestly, I appreciate that the classes are always less than 10 people and that the teacher takes the time to correct your posture and form.  

I included Studio MDR on here because so many of my girlfriends love it. Furthermore, I have done it several times and while I did like it – I found that it was a little too intense for my liking and the teachers didn’t pay close enough attention to my form so I often came home with a sore neck or back from doing the movements incorrectly.  That being said, the music is great, you really feel the burn and it’s a fun/trendy studio workout class.

Gotham gym (NYC)

I used to do private boxing with Kareem 3 times a week in their Meatpacking/West Village location and my abs were rock solid at one point LOL!  Kareem is amazing and everyone there was so friendly.  Don’t be surprised when you see Gigi and Bella Hadid…or Ashley Olsen working out there – it’s a celebrity hangout!

Flybarre (NYC)

I went to the Flatiron location once or twice a week when I lived in the city.  The studio is spacious and the classes produce results – I always noticed a difference after just a few sessions!

Y7 Yoga (NYC)

This is a heated, hip hop yoga class.  They actually just opened a location in LA and I have yet to go!  The music is always incredible and you lose yourself in the hour you’re in the room.  I love that it combines intensity and relaxation throughout the class and that you can always go at your own pace.

Running, tennis, Tone It Up or BBG on the West Side Highway (NYC)

I lived right near the West Side Highway/Hudson Park in the West Village and used to love running along it and then I would do the Kayla Itisines BBG Sweat app in one of the side grassy areas.

Jamie Ehrlich Pilates and FLEX Studios Pilates (NYC)

Jamie was my private pilates teacher in the West Village and has the cutest studio with two reformers.  It doesn’t get more intimate/boutique than this little haven!  I love her style and philosophy and she really makes the most of your 50 minute session.  If you’re in Soho – head to FLEX Studio’s Noho location and take one of their pilates classes.  You won’t be able to walk after but it will be worth it!!!!

I also wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions I get around the topic of working out in general.  

Q: Do you workout?

A: Yes I do workout even though I sometimes loathe it/don’t feel like it haha!  I workout for my mental health, to stay physically healthy/toned, and for my digestion (did you know working out improves the bacteria in your gut?)  

Q: What types of workouts do you do?  

A: I have tried sooooo many and go in waves of certain workouts I’m really into depending on my mood.  At the moment, I am doing less intense workouts and opting for a personal trainer 2 times a week to do circuit training with me (stuff like kettle bell swings, planks, TRX, and lunges), yoga once a week, and I hike on the weekends – plus I walk Charlie multiple times a day.  Having a personal trainer is worth the $ – they know what they’re doing, monitor your form, and hold you accountable.

Q: Why have you decided to work out less?

A: Working out is obviously amazing for you – however certain workouts can raise your cortisol/stress levels.  I had a blood test done a while ago, and my cortisol levels were quite high so I aim for workouts that don’t get too intense so I can keep my cortisol. And in turn hormones more balanced.  Plus, I realized I didn’t really enjoy super intense workouts and needed to let my body recover from the workouts I was doing so that I could build muscle.  Recovery is so crucial!  If you’re unsure of what workout is right for you…

I highly recommend taking an Ayurveda test to find out what the best workout for your body type is.  Ayurveda has been around for more than 3,000 years and is extremely helpful in navigating your mind, body, health connection.  FYI I’m currently reading the Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda written by my friend Sahara Rose in case you’re more interested in learning about it!

This week’s giveaway is $500 worth of workout clothes, makeup, sunscreen, accessories and more in the cutest lucite gym bag.  To enter, leave me a comment below telling me what your favorite type of workout and/or workout class is, Subscribe to my Youtube and newsletter, Follow me on Instagram and like my last 3 photos.  Winner will emailed on Friday!  Good luck!







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