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Dear Kat

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"I recently read your blog on things you learned when turning 30 and I have a question for you about surrounding yourself with people and friends who give you energy and make you happy. I fully agree with you but I am wondering what to do in a situation where one or two individuals from a larger group of friends do not give me good vibes and I wish to distance myself from them, however we are all a part of a larger group that does activities together. I don't want to upset the bigger group but there are a couple of women that just don't rub me the right way as a friend and I have let the feelings get shoved to the back for a long time now." -Sarah

I found myself in a similar situation 4 years ago.  I was friends with a group of about 7 girls in NYC, but realized I only really liked 5 of them and the other 2 were catty and constantly talked bad about everyone behind their backs.  The 2 mean girls who tried soooo hard to be queen bees made me not want to hang out with the group as a whole!  I eventually chose to start opting out of several group activities, which was REALLY hard at first, but felt so much better in the long run.  I no longer had anxiety about the group situations because I didn’t have to exert so much energy to avoid them/their toxic vibes.  Instead I put positive energy into getting together with the girls I did like one on one – or in smaller groups.  I got to know those girls on a deeper level and developed stronger friendships as a result.  At the end of the day, you are who you surround yourself with so you have to edit the people you hang out with and make sure they are lifting you up and giving you good vibes!

"I have a question about this: Some brands/bloggers/influencers have so many different "genres" they fit into in attempts to be relevant to a wider audience. Sometimes it works and sometimes it feels like the "brand" is disorganized and undefined. How do you know when you're expanding into the right categories and not confusing your audience when you add somethings new?" -Becca

That’s a great question.  I think choosing one genre/topic to hone in on in the beginning when you’re trying to build a following and define yourself is super important.  For me, that genre was fashion.  Once I was well known as a fashion blogger, I started incorporating my other interest and hobbies into my content and now I talk about a wide variety of topics from food to decor, travel and wellness.  But, again, in the beginning, you should absolutely garner an audience based on one or two topics so you don’t dilute your brand.  Expand into other areas when it feels natural, and when you’re truly as passionate about those areas as you are with your original genre.  At the end of the day, people are going to listen to you if you’re genuine, informative and passionate about what you’re sharing!

"Hi! I've heard mixed things about juices. Why have you personally chosen to make this a juice instead of a smoothie?" -Anonymous

Yes, some people say that juices aren’t as great as smoothies because they have too much sugar and not any fiber.  The juice I make every morning is super low in sugar.  I only use green vegetables in my juice with the exception of 1/2 a green apple – so it all depends on what you put in it!  I like to drink 16 oz of green juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.   This doesn’t overwhelm my digestion and just wakes it up!  I get a flood of energy through greens!  Smoothies are too rich for me personally in the morning, and I just don’t love drinking a meal – I prefer to chew it.  Also, as someone with digestion issues, too much fiber in a smoothie overwhelms my system and bloats me.  Everyone’s body is different, so test out both and see which one works for you!

"I love this way to reach you! I have a hair question... Being a long time loyal blog reader of yours, I notice that almost 100% of your looks show you with your hair down. I can't blame you, you have gorgeous hair! But do you wear it down most of the time in real life?! Doesn't it get annoying? Like even in your more casual looks it's gorgeously styled. I have long thick hair like you, and when I wear it down, I can't wait to get it out of my face! Thanks so much!!" -Ellie R.

Hi Ellie!  Thanks so much :)  Yes I wear my hair down 90% of the time.  I prefer wearing my hair down and luckily don’t get bothered with it/find that it gets in my way.  If I’m having a bad hair day or feeling lazy, I toss it in a ballerina bun with an elastic and just embrace the messiness.  I love using this R&Co dry shampoo to take the oil out of my roots and freshen it up!

"Hi Kat! Curious to know if you've been to any Wellness conferences, such as In Goop Health, SXSW Wellness Expo, WELL Summit, etc? Which would you recommend, what are your favorites, and/or which conferences would you'd most like to attend?" -Andrea

Hi!  Yes I’ve attended several conferences, but in terms of wellness ones – only In Goop Health!  I absolutely loved it and thought it was worth every penny.  I ran into several people in the industry I had been dying to meet, really enjoyed the seminars, food and pamper stations, and thought overall it was just a great networking opportunity!  Very well organized too ;)