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Refresh Your Home For Spring

I spent all weekend unpacking and organizing my new apartment. I’m happy to report that I’m about 90% DONE! I’m one of those people who can’t work or be productive until a mess is cleaned up so I was laser focused on getting everything put away ASAP! I got rid of even more stuff than I had back in LA (check my Poshmark this week!), brought out pillows I had in storage, put fresh flowers on my coffee table, and rearranged pieces that felt bright, cheery, and ideal for spring. It’s always nice to do a little update around your home at the start of each season. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet, swapping certain decorative items out for others, or purchasing a few inexpensive pieces that really make the space pop – it just feels good to do a refresh! Refreshing a room at the start of each season doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be a daunting task. You’d be surprised at how a few small additions to your home can transform a space and elevate your mood. Here are some of my favorite, easy, and affordable ways to refresh your home for spring! Place a colorful flower arrangement on your coffee table and/or kitchen counter. Did you know that walking by a bright arrangement is actually scientifically proven to boost your mood?! My favorite colorful flowers are; pink roses, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, lilies, and sunflowers. My good friend Carly from BloomBar brought this stunning bouquet over which made me smile all weekend long. Swap out your coffee table books or add in some new ones.Spending $40-$50 on a beautiful new book for your living room will make a huge difference. Maybe it’s this one which has such a vibrant cover, or this one which makes me want to take a trip to St. Barths! I love buying coffee table books from Amazon, One Kings Lane, and Shopbop. I did a whole blog post on my favorites from over the years here for your reference! Find a new scent for your home. I recently picked up this beautiful, oversized Voyage et Cie candle at Scottsdale Marketplace while I was in Arizona visiting my dad. If you’re ever in that area, I highly recommend popping by – it’s where I find tons of my decor pieces – everything is to die for! I love the way the Voyage et Cie candles smell and burn – plus they’re made of a 100% natural vegetable blend. Sprinkle in a new pillow or two on your couch or chair! The pillows on my couch are all from different places; John Robshaw, Madeline Weinrib, Missoni Home, and a vintage shop. Target has some REALLY cute pillows right now, so does Anthropologie and Lulu + Georgia. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, patterns and textures. Pillows don’t have to be so matchy matchy! Put a sisal or natural jute rug down to open up the space.This one here is under $100! Lighter, jute rugs like this always make a room feel bigger. Even if you live in a city or more modern home, you can still mix in sisal and jute to your decor scheme! I love using various styles and materials in my homes and don’t stick to one “theme” or genre when decorating. Layer rugs and put a cowhide (this ivory one is a total steal. I had it in my Venice house) on top of your neutral rug for a fun twist. If you’re looking for a patterned rug – check out Etsy. They have an AMAZING rug selection that is insanely affordable. For classic, neutral rugs my go-to is Overstock. Hang or layer eclectic art along the wall. Etsy is a great resource for prints that you can easily frame yourself using Target, West Elm, or Pottery Barn frames. I also like St. Frank (splurgeworthy!), One Kings Lane and vintage stores for finding art. I have the same philosophy for pillows as I do with art. Don’t be afraid to mix and match frames and styles! It’s your home and you want it to reflect you, your personality and your energy. Also, it doesn’t have to be cookie cutter or perfectly matching/all one color scheme. Add some personality to it! Pick up decorative objects like a bone magnifying glass, a thick strand of beads, or pretty gold bowls to pull the space together and make it feel cozy and inviting!
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I Moved Back to NYC!

I’m so excited to share I’ve moved back to NYC! It feels insane to type out those words! When I moved from NYC to LA 2 years ago, I never thought I’d move back to the city. I truly thought that LA would be the place where I planted my roots. Life is funny that way – it’s full of twists and turns, ups and downs, curveballs, and surprises. You never really know what’s going to happen or how you’ll feel days, weeks or months from now about something. Things change, people change, places change. We grow up, evolve, and mature. When I moved to LA 2 years ago, it was because I was completely and utterly burnt out and needed a break from the hustle/bustle of NYC. I fell in love with the relaxed beach town Venice one summer. I didn’t want to leave after a week of bliss riding my bike in the sunshine and strolling down Abbot Kinney. It was truly paradise! I loved the laid back vibe, small neighborhood feel, gorgeous weather, health conscious mindset, walkability, and proximity to the ocean that Venice offered. My body instantly felt at ease in LA. And after years of struggling with digestion issues, Vitamin D deficiency, and sky high cortisol levels, I knew that’s where I needed to be. A few months after visiting, I packed up my life in NYC and moved into my dream house 3 blocks from the beach! Moving to LA, was one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. Being in LA, and taking a step back from my work and life in NYC, allowed me to get in touch with myself and ultimately became the woman I wanted to be. So many incredible things happened during my time there. I healed my digestion, I rescued my dog Charlie, I fell in love with my next door neighbor Derek, I learned to stop and smell the roses, I developed self care rituals, I made incredible friends, I wrote a cookbook, and I discovered a whole other side of myself! LA taught me how to slow down and appreciate nature, peace + quiet, and the art of doing nothing. About 6 months ago, I started to feel like something was missing from my life in LA. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first, but when I visited NYC in October I knew. I missed living in the city. I missed walking outside my door and having tons of amazing restaurants, shops, museums, parks, and more all around me. I missed the energy, the excitement, the culture, the people, the pace, the work ethic, the ambition, and the REALNESS. Sure, Venice – and all of the towns within LA have great restaurants, shops, museums, parks, etc. But one of my readers who has lived in both NYC and LA couldn’t have said it better; LA doesn’t have SOUL! NYC has SOUL! It has DEPTH. It has grit and quirks, it’s romantic, and it’s the place that makes me feel the most alive. Every city has its pros and cons. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” place. A city could be the right fit for you for at a certain time period in your life and then you could outgrow it or crave something else. Listen to your gut. You know what’s best for you and that feeling will ultimately lead you to the place you’re supposed to be. Don’t get stuck. You’re not trapped or tied down to one place. If you’re unhappy move. If you’re itching for something different, go explore. If you feel stifled, get out. Embrace change – don’t fear it. Look at obstacles and jump over them! Put your mental health and wellbeing first before anything else. That is my advice if you’re contemplating a move! I’m now living in an apartment in Soho with my sweet puppy Charlie.I love my new home and I’m pinching myself that I get to be back here surrounded by such hardworking, talented, driven people! This city really does push me to be the best version of myself. I’m grateful that I have the energy to enjoy it again, and the mindset to not get overwhelmed by it. Derek, who I was dating for a little over a year, and who is still the love of my life, is not living with me, and instead pursuing his dream in San Francisco. He got a once-in-a-lifetime job offer that he couldn’t refuse from a company in Silicon Valley and moved there 3 weeks ago. This business deal was a loooong time coming and something I knew may go through despite our original plan and desire to move to NYC together. I could not be happier for him – it’s such a huge opportunity and something he’s worked so hard for. He and I had discussed being bicoastal and doing long distance, but ultimately I did not want to (and could not see us both realistically) flying back and forth on a 6 hour flight every other week (especially with Charlie) to maintain our relationship. He’s one of my best friends and someone I will always adore and admire. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I feel a sense of comfort knowing that everything really does happen for a reason – and that we are both living out our dreams. Thank you for all of the sweet messages and comments about my move. I am always so humbled to be connected to you and receive such a thoughtful outpouring of support. Trust me – I wanted to answer all of your DMs and share this exciting news sooner, but so many things have been up in the air these past few weeks! I honestly didn’t even know where I was going to live in NYC until about a week ago. Also, I was trying to quickly move out of my LA house since someone wanted to rent it sooner than my lease was even up! Crazy! Anyways, I’ll be unpacking and getting settled over the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share more apartment updates along the way. I’m having a lot of fun decorating this place. It’s a totally different vibe from my beach house! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx
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