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Nantucket, MA

One of the things I knew I wanted to splurge on for our wedding, were the flowers. I had a very specific vision in mind and wanted them to really wow us when we saw them! Here are my tips on how to make your dream wedding flowers come to life.

How To Choose a Florist

Since we got married on Nantucket, which is a very small island with limited vendors, we had about 3 florists total to choose from. While we could have flown someone in from NYC – it was just too complex logistics wise. I did extensive research prior to speaking to the florists and came prepared with photos of flower arrangements I liked and didn’t like. I also took screenshots of arrangements I liked that each florist had already shared on their Instagram and website. Then, I set up calls with each one to see their availability, rates, and if they could source the type of flowers I was requesting. I ended up going with the most flexible and accommodating florist who was super responsive.

Flower Test + Trial Process

It is so important to do a “test” or trial process with your florist prior to the wedding. Ask your florist to make a small size arrangement of whatever will be going on your tables, arch or bouquet. In my case we only needed to do a sample table arrangement since we were using all baby’s breath for the bouquet (straightforward – plus I gave a detailed photo example), and the same flowers for the arch and table. It took 3 tries to get the sample arrangement right before I officially signed off on them making everything. Don’t be afraid to hop on a call, send more detailed photos and get really granular about what you want.

Tips for Choosing Flowers

If you’re working with a planner, she will be able to help and advise you, and then of course there’s a bevy of inspiration on Pinterest, Brides, etc. I wanted a really elegant, clean and sophisticated look so we went with all polar white roses and thick silver dollar eucalyptus. They had to use a few other types of greenery hidden in the arch to pad it, but those 2 flowers were the standouts. For my bouquet, I originally wanted Lily of the Valley but it wasn’t in season and was impossible to get a really fresh bunch shipped to the island, so I went with a simple baby’s breath. I ended up liking it more because it didn’t have green in it that would have clashed with the olive tone of the eucalyptus. I asked for a simple white gross grain ribbon to be tied around the stems.

Flower Arch

I wanted a really full, thick arch – and was very specific about exact dimensions. I believe we ended up going with a 9″x6″ arch that had over a foot of thickness.


My advice is don’t be afraid to get SUPER niche, detailed and specific with your florist! They can’t read your mind and you may have a different vision in mind than what they typically create so speak up. Also, be sure to clarify exactly how tall you expect/want the arrangements to be, how thick (in inches), what color vases you want, what “filler” flowers you want/don’t want, etc. Filler flowers cut the cost – and I find them dreadful looking lol so I said I didn’t want to see ANY filler florals popping out. These are all things to keep in mind when you’re ordering flowers for your next party, event or even a friend! x

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