With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

Meet Marcie Englert, Interior Designer

Where did you get your start in design? I attended Arizona State University’s 5 year interior design program. While in college, I worked for a residential designer, then when I graduated I worked for a commercial designer.  I did restaurants, golf courses and offices.  I finally went on my own 4 years ago.  I’m able to work with more clients and make my own schedule.  Having this retail space is a natural extension for me as an interior designer.  I can easily pull pillows or things for projects I’m working on.   What has been the best part of your career? The best part has been working on projects where I’ve gotten to travel. I’ve worked overseas and all over the country.  Getting to know a client’s home and the area and incorporating both in my work is great. What is a typical work day like for you? Everyday is different!  I try to tell people that.  You never know what is to come.  Day’s that are supposed to be an office day, I end up running out, grabbing trims, delivering things in my trailer.  Today, I went to an importer, picked up a cocktail table and a server, and am planning on heading back to the office.  People think being an interior designer is glamorous, but it’s not!  You have to be willing to do everything- I move furniture in my trailer, install ceiling fans, paint things and hang things.  You have to be willing to do things yourself.   What is your favorite designer or home store? My favorite store is Juxtaposition Home in Newport.  It’s what I would envision having a store look like, feel like.  I used to look online and see it.  The first time I actually went in, I was working on a job in La Jolla and I had to sit in the car and absorb the moment for probably 10-20 minutes.  I walked through the store, took in everything and it was like, visual stimulus overload!  Everything about the store I identify with.     It was such a pleasure to talk to Marcie.  We went on to discuss our favorite blogs.  Some of her favorites are Habitually Chic, Pink Wallpaper, and Velvet and Linen.  She is working on her own blog right now, so look out for that soon!  We could hardly contain our excitement over the new Bravo TV series “Million Dollar Decorators.”  Finally a reality TV show about interior design!  For design inquiries contact Marcie at marcie@paisleyhouseinc.com.
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  • BeautyBabiex says:

    that bed is gorgeous! like the colour scheme :) Xxx



    May 16, 2011 | Reply