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It’s Friday!!!!  I had a very rewarding week and I wanted to share one of the highlights with you.  Many of you know that public speaking is one of my biggest fears!  I get severe stage fright even when speaking in front of a small group of people (I blame it on my voice cracking on stage as the star of my 3rd grade play LOL.)  Being in front of an audience is intimidating am I right?!  This week I had 2 public speaking engagements.  I’ve been saying yes to every speaking opportunity that has come my way this year in an effort to get over my phobia.  It’s helping for sure – and slowly, I’m getting more comfortable. I wanted to share a video from the talk show I spoke at on Wednesday where I opened up about the business of blogging and how I got my start in the industry (I come on at the 23 minute mark.)  I chat about how I put myself through college, my career background, heartbreak, and even touch on my love life ;)  I hope you enjoy it!  And as requested…another Currently Coveting post.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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