With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

Charlie's 1st Puppy Birthday Party

Venice, CA

I threw my puppy Charlie a 1st birthday party last weekend and couldn’t wait to share these pictures with you!  I adopted Charlie from Vanderpump Dogs last July after seeing his little face pop up in the window the second I walked by.  It was love at first sight. I wasn’t even planning on getting a dog that day, but couldn’t resist going inside the rescue center after seeing him!  I was nervous when I first got him because I didn’t know how to take care of a dog, but I learned very fast and we instantly created a bond/connection.

I had another post scheduled for today’s Wellness Series but am going to save it for next week.  It’s been a pretty emotional past few weeks for me. Between getting my identity stolen, bank account hacked, having to fire an employee, family drama, behind the scenes blog stuff going awry, and most recently breaking up with my boyfriend – I am beyond thankful for Charlie.  Charlie has honestly been the best thing to ever happen to me.

He’s my best friend and makes living alone, so much less lonely.  

He makes quiet evenings at home so much better and he taught me how to love again as cheesy as that sounds… He’s this positive little ball of energy that is with me all day and all night through the thick and thin.  It’s insane how dogs can pick up on your mood and they know when you’re happy or sad.  Also, he has been so sweet licking away my tears and cuddling with me every morning.  If you’re thinking of getting a dog you won’t regret it.  Animals are the best.

As far as decor went for my party – I wanted to keep things pretty low key/casual!

I had my friend Yvonne who bakes the yummiest vegan treats make custom dog bone shaped cookies, chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and a beautiful vanilla cake for the big day.  I put out a big cheese board with marcona almonds, tons of different cheese, grapes, and crackers.  Also, I ordered Mexican food from the most delicious place in Venice that makes homemade tortillas, had tons of drinks and mixers laid out, and put on a good playlist.  Everyone had a blast including the dogs who were running playing with all of the toys and eating every treat in sight haha!

The most special part of the entire day was when Charlie got to reunite with his actual mom and sister who he was at the pound with!  I was able to get in touch with their owners and we all agreed to bring them back together!  It was crazy – they remembered each other instantly and Charlie gravitated toward them the entire party.  Seeing them play and him so happy – made me so happy – my heart was literally bursting!  Ok tearing up now writing this haha… seriously it was the sweetest moment. <3

Charlie’s 1st Puppy Birthday Party











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  • Roses for Fridays | by mia says:

    Happy 01st birthday Charlie! 🌷👍🏼🌷

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Rach says:

    I love that you threw Charlie a birthday party! And OMG it looked amazing!! Happy birthday Charlie!


    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Jessica from What To Style says:

    You all must’ve had a happy time together! Great pictures! ❤

    Jessica | whattostyle.blogspot.com |
    Instagram @ what_to_style

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Anabela says:

    Charlie is the cutest pup ever! Everything looked so beautiful thoughtfully planned. I completely agree that animals are the best. Although I have 2 kitties (one is like a dog) they are super affectionate and relieve my stresses. You are such an inspiration! the way you live your life, your successes, taste for beautiful things and positive approach to everything!Love following you and wish you’d adopt me! Best of luck as I’m sure great energy is coming your way. xo

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Ray Amaari says:

    How adorable.


    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Keyondria Elizabeth says:

    The party looked like it was so much fun! So sorry to hear about you and Derek. I loved seeing you so happy :-)

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Katherine says:

    I am beyond impressed that you can continue to put forth such inspiring, beautiful content while navigating through all of this. All the best to you.

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Jessica says:

    The party looks amazing, but more importantly, I wanted to send some love your way as it sounds like you’re going through a lot right now. Thank you for being candid with your readers and know that you’re being held in our hearts.

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Claire V says:

    Happy 1st birthday, precious Charlie❤️ Everything looks so gorgeous, delicious, and most importantly- Charlie looked like he was having so much fun! How thoughtful of you to have reunited Charlie with his mom and sister – hope they can get together more often!

    Hang in there, Kat! All of these trials and tribulations will make you stronger and wiser that will help you navigate through the journey of life! Keep staying positive and smiling!

    August 8, 2018 | Reply
  • Lisa Autumn says:

    Oh this melted my heart! SO CUTE!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    August 9, 2018 | Reply
  • My lovely people says:

    Don’t worry dear, everything is gonna be ok. In life things happens always for a good reason, even when we can’t see it right away, but is always for good. Happy birthday to that little puppy. He is so cute

    New blog post: A boho maxi dress, one of my favorites dresses this summer. Don’t miss it!!!!!!!

    Kisses from Miami


    August 9, 2018 | Reply
  • Inna says:

    Awww how cute!


    August 9, 2018 | Reply
  • Keiko Tanaka says:

    Aww how cute! You inspired me to throw a birthday for my pup too! lol Seriously dogs/animals are the best therapists!

    August 10, 2018 | Reply
  • Laura says:

    Very happy to see Charlie enjoying his day and reunited with his family! Happy to see how organizing this keeps you positive too Kat :) Everything is gonna be alright!

    August 11, 2018 | Reply
  • Ewa Macherowska says:
    August 11, 2018 | Reply
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  • Fetch and Roll says:

    Hi! I am co-founder of an eco-conscious dog clothing brand @fetchandroll and would love to send Charlie a birthday gift! Please let us know Charlie’s size (sizing chart can be found on our website shopfetchandroll.com) via woof@shopfetchandroll.com. Happiest birthday Charlie! 💕

    February 24, 2022 | Reply