With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

Best of Beauty: April

It’s hard to believe another month is over! Time has been flying by and it’s FINALLY starting to warm up which makes me so happy!!! Another month down means it’s time to share what beauty products really WOW’d me. I’ve been busy testing, testing, testing and so many products did not make the cut. I am super picky about what beauty products I use, so here are the ones that did make it!

Giorgio Armani Foundation

This has been pretty much the only foundation I’ve used since I started wearing foundation! It doesn’t clog your pores, can be applied with just your hands, and looks flawless on.

Riki Vanity Mirror and Light

It’s been extremely rainy and grey pretty much all of April here in NYC, so I’ve been needing the extra light for things like tweezing my brows! I also love using this light for IG videos because it brightens and smooths your skin!

Sephora Nail Kit

We’ve all been struggling to keep our nails looking decent and this little nail kit has all of the tools you need until you can make it back to the salon!

RVL Skincare Toner Pads

My dermatologist and friend Dr. Rita Linkner created these toner pads to prevent breakouts and shrink your pores. I’ve been using them on my T-zone and lightly around the rest of my face after I cleanse and they take anything left over off right away.

Dyson Hairdryer

I don’t blow dry my hair unless I absolutely need to which is about 2 days a year, but when I do I use this hairdryer. I have a ton of hair and it’s really thick, so it used to take me FOREVER to dry it, but this dries it in minutes – it’s crazy. Thomas stole it from me and uses it everyday – he loves it too!

Sisley Mascara

I’ve used a ton of mascaras and been disappointed in 95% of them. I keep coming back to this one and have been using it consistently for about 2 years now. I LOVE IT! It really lengthens, stays on all day, and doesn’t get clumpy.

Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter

I’ve mentioned this product a ton because it’s honestly the best highlighter. Just run your index finger through the highlighter part and then across your nose and cheeks and you look fresh faced and glowy!

Sally Hansen Wax Strips

Since salons aren’t open I haven’t been able to get waxed and have been relying on these Sally Hansen wax strips to get me by! Without these I would have a very hairy upper lip LOL.

Unite Argan Oil

I own a bunch of hair oils. They all smell great and come in pretty packaging. But the one thing that drives me nuts is that they just don’t absorb into my hair! They sit on top of it and make it feel weighed down and greasy. This oil actually seeps deep into the split ends and repairs them.

Dae Deep Conditioning Treatment

I’ve been raving about Dae lately because I really am impressed with how well the products work. The deep conditioning treatment is no different. I actually use it as an extra conditioner in the shower and leave it on for just 1 minute and wash it out once a week and it gives my hair SO much extra hydration. It says to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I see immediate results in 1 no joke!

So those are the beauty products I LOVED this past April! What are some beauty products that really impressed you this month? I have a beauty cabinet full of new products to test out for this coming month and will be doing lots of giveaways on my IG stories so be on the lookout!

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  • Lisa Autumn says:

    Thank you Kat! I always value your recommendations x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    May 3, 2020 | Reply
    • kat@withlovefromkat.com replied:

      Thank you Lisa :)

      May 4, 2020 | Reply
  • Annabel says:

    Yes!! TY! All my sentiments, exactly! I came to a realization that im a true introvert. One day i suddenly acknowledge i dont mind working from home. In fact im very content doing so during this quarantine. But im a chattebox amongst my friends. Will read that book!

    May 6, 2020 | Reply
    • kat@withlovefromkat.com replied:

      Yes you will love it!

      May 6, 2020 | Reply
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