With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

DIY Hat Wall

Venice, CA

I’ve always had an affinity for hats! Particularly wide brim straw hats. Though beautiful, they are a total b*tch to store LOL – they’re huge and take up a ton of space! So, over the years – I decided rather than storing them on a shelf somewhere, I would hang them as art around my home! Here’s exactly how to create a hat wall…

DIY Hat Wall

In order to create a hat wall, you need to buy these hat hooks. Do yourself a favor and do not order cheap adhesive hat hooks advertised on Amazon. I made that epic mistake in my NYC apartment and it ripped the plaster and paint off the wall when I removed them! These simple white metal hat hooks are PERFECT for any size hat and very easy to add or remove.

Where to Hang Your Hats

I love the look of hats in a cluster or straight line along one side of an entryway wall, bedroom wall, office, or hallway. Even in a bathroom could be fun if you have a big empty wall! I would limit hanging hats in a home to a max of 2 walls total so it doesn’t look cluttered. When you’re ready to create the layout, gently rest the hats you like together on the ground. This will give you a sense of which shapes, sizes and colors pair well, and how far you’ll need to space out your hooks. Once you’ve done this, you can start hanging the hooks one by one, adjusting as needed.

TBH I’ve eye-balled every hat wall I’ve ever created and they’ve turned out just fine, but you can always use a pencil and measuring tape as well. You can absolutely overlap your hats rather than perfectly spacing them out – I think the overlapped look is really fun somewhere like a beach house.

Choosing Hats

While you don’t have to have all of your hats be the exact same color, I would recommend sticking to a general color scheme and overall theme. For example, I wouldn’t hang a dark winter felt hat alongside a summery straw fedora. If you’re looking for hats to wear and hang – I recommend this one for under $20 (just remove the suede cord), this one from Janessa Leone (legit all of her hats are incredible), and this one from Lovely Bird.

Hats from top going clockwise: Janessa Leone c/o, Lovely Bird, Janessa Leone c/o, Janessa Leone, Rag & Bone (sold out)

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  • Rach says:

    I’ve done the same thing with my hats too! I never know how to store them in my closet and ended up displaying them on my wall!


    July 1, 2020 | Reply
  • Mariya Zafirova says:

    Looks amazing!

    Mariya | https://www.brunetteondemand.com/

    July 1, 2020 | Reply
  • Earrings Pakistan says:

    It really look amazing. I have also got some hat and thinking to do same with them as well.

    July 12, 2020 | Reply