With Love
From Kat

With Love
From Kat

Flank Steak and Asparagus

The Tanita Family loves food so much they made a cookbook with everyone’s favorite recipes.  This is one of my personal favorites.

Teriyaki Flank Steak 1 1/2 lbs Flank steak 3/4 cup Soy sauce 1/2 cup Sugar 2 tsp Garlic 2 tsp Ginger 1 tsp Sweet rice wine

Place flank steak and ingredients in ziploc bag and refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight if you have time. Then place marinated steak on baking sheet.  Turn oven to 500 degrees.  Broil each side for 8 minutes.

Asparagus+Special Sauce Bundle of Asparagus 1/3 cup Mayo 2 tsp Soy sauce

Boil asparagus for 8 minutes.  Serve hot or cold.  Combine mayo and soy sauce.  It seems strange to mix mayo and soy sauce, but try it and you will see why its a favorite.

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