How To Make GOOP's Chocolate Chia Truffles

Venice, CA

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful lunch hosted by Nordstrom x GOOP to celebrate GOOP’s pop-up boutique.  I happened to get seated right next to Chef Thea Baumann who helped Gwyneth Paltrow co-write her latest cookbook; It’s All Easy.  The lunch was absolutely delicious and ended with these divine chocolate chia truffles.  These babies are TO DIE FOR – they literally melt in your mouth – and they left such a lasting impression on me, that I immediately ran to the grocery store after the lunch and bought all of the ingredients to re-create them at home.  I’ve been making a batch every single week since and love that they are 100% guilt free!!!!

They have zero dairy, refined sugar or gluten.  With only 7 ingredients and about 15 minutes total for prep/completion time – these are the ultimate mid afternoon treat or if you’re like me…midnight snack!  Cacao is an excellent source of magnesium and chia is a great source of fiber.  Coconut oil gives you glowing skin and coconut nectar is a low glycemic sweetener that tastes amazing.

Watch the tutorial, which we filmed inside the GOOP office in Santa Monica, for the exact recipe and step by step instructions!  Sign up for my newsletter here and comment below “Signed up!” for a chance to win a signed copy of the It’s All Easy cookbook + $500 of GOOP beauty products (the perfume smells heavenly.)  I’ll announce the winner on Friday.  PS congrats to last week’s Wellness Series subscriber Nisha for winning the $500 of L’Occitane goodies and subscriber Jenny for winning the $500 Lululemon gift card!

Chocolate Chia Truffle Recipe

1/2 cup Cacao Powder
2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
2 tablespoons Coconut Nectar
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
2 pinches Sea Salt
6 Drops of Stevia
6 tablespoons Chia and/or Sesame Seeds


Pampelone top (also love this one)  |  Madewell jeans
Cacao  |  Coconut Nectar  |  Chia Seeds  |  Sesame Seeds
Stevia  |  Vanilla  |  Coconut Oil  |  It’s All Easy Cookbook

Jessica Alexander Photography

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