French Beauty Secrets
Provence, FR

What is it about the French?  They just exude that effortless beauty, confidence, cool…  It’s that “je ne se quoi” that captivated me all of those years ago (and even made me want to move there!) and that still intrigues me to this day.  I had the pleasure of spending 4 days in Provence with the L’Occitane team and learned sooooo much about French beauty that I can’t wait to share with you.  As a part of our trip, we were invited to peel back the curtain and see what really goes into the brand.  We were taken to the exact lavender fields where the lavender for their products gets sourced, we went inside the lab and chatted with the scientists, we experienced essential oil and skincare tutorials from a woman who has been working for the brand for 20+ years (pictured here), and finally, got to have dinner with the founder who talked about the heart + soul behind the company.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m looking forward to sharing more pictures with you from the trip, but today I want to focus on the wellness aspect of it.  The two most fascinating things I learned on our trip were how to give yourself a facial lymphatic drainage massage and the healing power of essential oils.  A facial lymphatic drainage massage instantly de-puffs your face and relieves tension by getting the blood circulating.  I consider myself pretty educated in the beauty realm and was shocked that I had never heard of this before!  Let me tell you, it is a TOTAL game changer.  If I wake up puffy from too much wine, salt, or lack of sleep, I take 5 minutes in the morning to do this and can instantly see/feel results.  This tutorial walks you through every single step – ENJOY ;)  The next thing I loved learning about was the magic behind essential oils.  These photos were taken at a demonstration showing how they used to extract oils back in the day (essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years by cultures all over the world.)  The darling woman in the picture with me, exuded that effortless French beauty and was probably one of the happiest, sweetest ladies I’ve ever met.  She swims every single day (she was very proud of her swimming pool!) and grows all of her own fruit and vegetables in her garden.  Talk about goals!  This site talks about all of the different oils out there, but I wanted to highlight one in particular (my fave); lavender.  Lavender oil can be used to treat just about everything from anxiety, to depression, digestion problems, headaches, cuts, jet lag, rashes, insomnia…   I keep this roller of lavender oil in my purse and dab a bit on my wrists in the middle of the day to help me relax.  I also use it when I travel and spray this on my pillow before bed.  There are a ton of “fake” or poor quality lavender oils and oils in general out there, so do your research and be careful if you buy from an unknown source!  For this week’s giveaway, I’m SO excited to be offering 1 lucky reader $500 worth of my favorite L’Occitane products (including lots of lavender goodies!)  To enter, simply sign up for my newsletter and comment below “Signed Up!”  The winner will be announced on Friday. XO

Carolina K dress (also love this one) // Joie sandals // Julie Vos necklace // Mansur Gavriel bag // Lavender Oil // Roll-on Lavender // Lavender Pillow Spray