Must Have: Travel Luxuries

After a long plane ride from Phoenix to New York I started thinking of little luxuries that would have made the trip more pleasant.  I did have my super durable Herve Chapelier bag and steamy Elin Hildebrand romance novel, but I would have loved a fluffy Little Giraffe travel pillow or healthy homemade lunch because airport food is so not good!  An iPad, Pucci-esque eye mask, roll on perfume, Evian spray, Bobbi Brown face cream, Rosebud Salve strawberry lip balm, cashmere poncho and the most comfortable pair of ballet flats by Anna Baiguera are other travel must haves.  I will be sure to pack all of these on my next trip.

Elin Hildebrand Summer Affair novel – Aquolina roll on perfume – Kaleidoscope eye mask – Herve Chapelier bag – Rosebud strawberry lip balm – Bobbi Brown face cream – Tomas Maier cashmere poncho – Little Giraffe satin pillow – Anna Baiguera ballet flats (plastic circles come off) – or Henri Bendel Evian spray – iPad –
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