My LA Home Tour: The Details

Venice, CA

The last and final part of my Home Tour is here!  For this post, I wanted to focus on some of the special details that really make my house feel like a lived in, comfortable home.  I always want guest to feel like they can kick their feet up and stay awhile when they enter.  I knew I didn’t want to have anything too “precious” or formal since this is a beach house.  I’ve got a ton of linen pieces, mixed in with straw baskets, shearling, and light wood.  I incorporated high and low items – some from Restoration Hardware and some from Target.  Also, I didn’t follow any “rules” per se and just bought things that caught my eye and drew me in!

I always get asked about all of the white in my house and if it makes me nervous plus how I keep it clean/etc… Can I let you in on a little secret?  It doesn’t stay very white and that’s totally okay with me! haha  Thankfully the slipcovers on my couch are machine washable and the rugs are so inexpensive that I can replace them if Charlie pukes on them (which he has many times! #dogmomlife)  If you look closely there are scuff marks, paw prints, and dirt, but it just adds character in my opinion!!!  Magic Clean erasers and Oxyclean are my lifesavers!

In terms of decorative objects, it’s no secret I love baskets.

I have a zillion in every corner.  I seem to always be buying more baskets to place around the house and put everything from blankets in, to towels, dry cleaning, groceries, and flowers.  Baskets look great in any style home and really add a rustic feel!  They’re also an amazing use of space especially in an apartment or tight quarters.

I collect coffee table books!

Mostly fashion ones and place those throughout my home.  Friends and family never know what to get me for holidays or my birthday so they send me books which makes me SO happy.  I love flipping through them for inspiration and ripping pages out and framing it as art. Also, I love keeping a big stack of magazines on the living room side table for guests to browse when they’re waiting for me to get ready (I’m always 5-10 minutes “fashionably late”…working on it!) and a fully stocked bar for any occasion.  I placed a few shells and vases I picked up at the Melrose Flea Market on the bar and on top of coffee table books to complete the room.

Handmade pieces always add a nice touch to a space and make it not seem so cookie cutter/sterile.

The last thing you want is to order everything from one store in a matching set.  NO, no no!!!!   Have fun with your space and spice up a boring corner with eclectic, unique pieces like this handmade macrame piece from Etsy.  I almost bought a black + white photo where that macrame piece is hanging in my hallway and I am SO glad I didn’t.  It fits in perfectly with my bohemian, laid back beach town surroundings.  If you don’t live in a beach town, you can absolutely still incorporate a bit of macrame…perhaps a small piece in a bathroom or entry!

I’ll be filming several “how to” style decor videos this year and would love to know what particular topics or rooms you’d love me to talk about.  Leave me a comment below and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! XO

My LA Home Tour: The Details

Restoration Hardware couch + chair  |  Wisteria side table  |  CB2 lucite bar
Studio McGee console  |  Overstock rug  |  Etsy bench  |  Wayfair baskets
World Market baskets  |  Target baskets  |  St. Frank picture
Restoration Hardware mirror (similar)  |  Etsy macrame  |  Pottery Barn guest towel

Jessica Alexander Photography

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