Dear Kat

Ask Kat a question

"What kind of dog is Charlie and how old is he?"

He’s a dachshund terrier rescue puppy from Vanderpump Dogs!  He’s 2 years old!

"I love your nails! What are you favorite polish colors?"

Thank you!  I pretty much only wear these 3 colors depending on the season; OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” OPI “Funny Bunny” and OPI “The Thrill of Brazil.”  I also like Essie “Marshmallow” and Essie “Wicked.”

"Who does your eyebrows?"

I get my eyebrows waxed from Raluca at Anastasia Beverly Hills in LA, and then at Anastasia Beverly Hills in Sephora in NYC.  I fill them in with Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Mahogany using a brow brush.

"Hi, I have been following you on social media for years, and I love the way you seem to face life, I just feel that you are so passionate about what you do! I’m a lawyer but I don’t really love my job, I struggle with depression from this and feel very anxious, I want to make the change, do something else, brand related, and I’m willing to start from the bottom, I know this is an odd question but is there any help or advice you can give me? Who can I talk to? I just feel so confused since I studed something really different. Thanks in advance!!!!" -Anonymous

Thank you so much for your support and for sending this question in!  I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with depression and anxiety.  I think the best thing you can do for yourself is go to therapy.  Research different therapists in your area, and find one who preferably takes your insurance, and then set up an initial consultation.  Not every therapist is the same, so make sure you actually like them and feel comfortable with them before committing!  In the beginning, it’s helpful to go 2 times a week, and then you can do once a week for maintenance until you work through what’s going on.  Working on yourself first, will ultimately help you work through your career stuff and allow you to see the bigger picture and think more clearly.  I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do <3

"Hi! I am a current college sophomore. I've been a huge fan of your Instagram and blog since high school, and have always looked towards your content in dull moments of my life for inspiration and spark! Presently, I am facing a bit of a life dilemma. I'm not sure about what I want to do with my rest of my time in college, and especially after that. I was wondering how you got started in the industry, and if you have any advice for a confused girl, who seems to be able to see a future in almost anything--STEM, the arts, social media, etc!" -Ariana

Hi Ariana!  Thank you so much for your support and kind words!  It is totally normal not to know what you want to do while you’re in college so don’t worry!  College is all about finding yourself and trying lots of new classes and activities to see what you like or don’t like.  I realized after college, I didn’t want to pursue Interior Design which I had majored in.  In order to be productive and have a creative outlet, I started my blog and that led me to where I am today.  I think it’s so smart to either hold several internships in different fields, meet with various individuals who intrigue you/hold a career you’re interested in, and perhaps even start a website/blog to jot down your thoughts, musings and ideas!  You can read my Career Advice post here and any of my Advice posts to get a sense of how I got started in the industry and what tools have helped me along the way!

"Hey Kat! Okay, I am in desperate need of a closet cleanse. How do you decide to part with some of your old favorites?! It is soooo hard for me to do. What is your mental process?"

Hi!  I LOVE purging.  It’s therapeutic for me, and I try to do it every 2-3 months.  My mom was always cleaning out her closet and donating stuff growing up, and encouraged us to do the same so it’s become a habit for me!  I think the best thing to do is, every season, touch and look at every single piece of clothing in your closet.  Ask yourself if you a.) even like it anymore! b.) have worn it recently c.) if it still fits, or if you’d rather upgrade/replace it with something else.  If you’re convincing yourself that you’ll wear something maybe once next year, it’s probably time to get rid of it.  You can always rent one of a kind pieces at places like Rent The Runway.  I’d rather have a closet where I can see everything, it’s de-cluttered, and full of classic, high quality staple pieces.  If you’ve had something hanging in your closet forever, don’t want to part with it, but haven’t worn it in a while – maybe take it to your tailor and see if they can tweak it to make it more appealing!  In terms of getting rid of clothes, I like to sell my gently worn pieces on Poshmark, or donate things to a local women’s shelter.  I hope that helps!