Miami's Art Deco District

Miami, FL

I’m in Miami for the next few days with my sweet photographer Jessica who has also become a dear friend.  She happens to be my neighbor (we live 5 minutes away from each other!) and our dogs are obsessed with each other.  Since I don’t have coworkers or any full time employees at the moment, it’s really nice to work with someone who is so professional and who feels like a part of my “team.”  Being a part of a team – whether it be a work team, a sports team, a religious team/organization, a book club, you name it – is such an integral piece/key factor in our happiness levels.  If you haven’t already watched the documentary “Happy” I highly recommend you do so!  I made some minor changes after watching it that helped me tremendously!  Anyways, this is Jess’ first time traveling to Miami and my 5th or 6th.  Miami has to be one of my favorite cities.  Before I traveled to Miami – I naively thought it was just a cheesy town where everyone drank all day, wore tacky neon beach attire and danced at clubs all night.  Well, I was totally wrong and completely underestimated the magic of this city.  Yes of course, you do have the spring breakers, the nightclubs and the pool party debauchery – BUT you also have an insane amount of culture, stunning architecture, luxurious restaurants, shops, hotels, beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise water, and some the friendliest people I’ve ever come across.  Miami has a sexiness, Latin flare, and vibe that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.  Jess is super into Art Deco and suggested we check out the infamous Art Deco District which has all of the original hotel facades and buildings from the 1920s.  It was so cool to see the architecture, pastel colors, and old cars – we felt as though we were transported back in time!  It’s 100% worth checking out if you’re visiting Miami plus it’s only a 5 minute walk from most of the hotels on South Beach!


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With Love From Kat x Gigi New York clutch
Ashley Pittman bangles  |  Missoma necklaces

Jessica Alexander Photography

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