My Skincare Routine
Venice, CA

Up until a few months ago, I didn’t really have a set skincare routine.  I would sometimes use night cream, maybe dab a bit of eye cream on (if I remembered,) and rarely used SPF (eek I know!)  One of my girlfriends who is a few years older than me, is religious about her skincare routine.  She takes SUCH amazing care of her skin and it shows – she literally glows without makeup on.  She thankfully taught me the importance of skin maintenance and introduced me to Nu Skin ageLOC Me; a device that is basically a “one stop shop” for all of your skincare needs.  I don’t like to take hours to get ready and don’t want a million products laying all over my counter so this sleek device is perfect for me.  I love how it comes with 3 serums that weave into one easy dose, a day moisturizer (with SPF woo!) and a night moisturizer.  Each product is customized based on a simple skin assessment I took before ordering that measures my skin’s sun exposure, hydration, etc.  The products are automatically refilled and delivered to my door each month.  In the morning I simply click a button and my serum + day moisturizer gets dispensed into my hand, then I rub both on, serum first, then moisturizer, and then dash out the door – a simple, two-step process.  In the evening, I click the same button and my serum + night moisturizer gets dispensed.  Easy as that!  When you think about the cost and counter space of all of those different serums, SPF and moisturizer combined – the initial upfront cost of the ageLOC Me is 100% worth it.  You can learn more about ageLOC Me here and take your own custom skin assessment here.

Nu Skin ageLOC Me // Nordstrom robe // Etsy rug (similar) // Essentia Mattress c/o // Restoration Hardware bed (similar) // Custom pillows (similar)