10 Ways To Pamper Yourself

Venice, CA

Over the past few years – and even more so in the past few months I have come to understand the importance of little self care/self love rituals that leave me feeling centered, balanced and recharged.  I’ve mentioned my nighttime rituals here, as well as my 10 favorite ways to relieve stress and unwind here, and today I wanted to share 10 ways I pamper myself at any given time throughout the week.  All of these rituals are easy, inexpensive and can be done virtually anywhere.

10 Ways To Pamper Yourself:

1. An at home mani/pedi.

There’s something sooooo therapeutic about plopping down in front of the TV and painting my own nails.  I’ve been using essie for years (Marshmallow is my go-to!) and am obsessed with their new Treat Love & Color 1-step system.  It’s infused with collagen which makes nails stronger and brighter (woohoo!) – AND comes in 4 of the prettiest neutral shades (I’m wearing this ivory rose color called “In a Blush.”)

2.  Load up on every magazine that catches my eye at the grocery store and give myself at least an hour (or two!) to flip through them.

It’s funny how something so simple can bring you so much joy – yet so often gets pushed aside because we are all too busy.  I make an effort to carve out time for self care/self love rituals like this because I know it makes me overall happier and more productive.  It feels indulgent to have a big stack in front of me and just leisurely read all of the articles, bookmark things, and clip out inspiring pictures to put on my bulletin board!

3.  Binge watch trashy reality TV shows, old movies, documentaries or Sex and the City.

Again, this is something so simple that can easily get pushed aside, yet is so beneficial and helps me recharge after a long day of being “on.”  I love any and every Audrey Hepburn movie (Roman Holiday is my fave) and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I have practically every Real Housewives episode DVR’d!

4.  A fresh bouquet of flowers for my kitchen counter and nightstand.

When I first moved to LA, I missed all of the great NYC flower bodegas!  Now I’ve been hitting up local farmers markets for fairly inexpensive blooms.  It’s amazing how a bright pop of fresh flowers when you first walk in a room can instantly perk up your mood.

5.  Put on a face mask 3x a week.

I do this while I take a bubble bath or meditate.  This one is great and so is this one (more expensive but I’ve noticed big results.)  I mentioned this in my nighttime rituals but it can be a morning thing too ;)

6.  Burn my favorite candle and blast music with these speakers.

I love lighting a bunch of candles (or just this one which is strong enough to penetrate the entire upstairs – PS I’m giving one away!) and blasting music from Kygo, Odesza or Zhu.  It helps me power through emails, organize, clean, etc!  It’s funny how much more productive I am when my house smells yummy and there’s good music in the background.

7.  Invest in pretty PJs.

I used to think it was silly to buy pretty PJs when no one would see them, but it’s fun to do it for yourself!  I love this black lace chemise from Eberjey.  It’s so soft and elegant.  It just makes me feel glamorous! LOL

8.  Curl up on my shearling rug with Charlie and a good book.

Did you know that real shearling rugs actually have health benefits?!  Besides being ridiculously cozy they relieve aches and pains, regulate your body temperature, and are hypo-allergenic.  No wonder I always feel so good after even 10 minutes of being curled up on mine!

9.  Foam roll.

I used to think foam rolling was only for buff, super muscular fitness peeps, but after meeting with a top physical therapist here in LA, I’ve learned that it’s great for everyone.  It may feel painful at first on certain areas, but once you get the hang of it – you’ll get addicted. Use it to work out muscle tightness, strengthen your core, massage your back, or alleviate pressure points.  Even if I only have 3 minutes at the end of the day, I like to lay down on it (I line it up along the vertebrae in my back) and spread out my arms.  It opens up my shoulders and helps reverse the hunching/slouching I do at my desk all day!

10.  Last, but not least – I love to do a light at home yoga/stretching session either in the morning or at night.

Yoga keeps me feeling grounded, centered and balanced.  I love that you can do just a few simple moves and instantly feel relaxed.  Downward dog is a proven stress reliever and pigeon pose (which opens up your hips) really helps boost my mood.  You wouldn’t believe how much emotion gets stored in our hips!   I have two yoga mats – one thin one that I use in class or on my back patio, and one thick one I keep next to my bed.  I also keep this exercise ball next to my bed – and bend over it for 5 minutes at the end of the day for blood circulation.  It’s incredible how these simple, quick changes in my routine have helped my posture, metabolism and digestion!

I’m so excited to share this week’s giveaway as a part of my Wellness Series (which btw I’m so happy to hear you are loving!)  It’s the entire Essie Treat Love & Color collection along with this Eberjey nightie, this yoga set, this Diptyque candle, and $500 of my favorite beauty products for you to use at home.  To enter, simply subscribe to my newsletter and comment below “Signed up!”  I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

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