My Nighttime Rituals

Venice, CA

I savor nights at home where I get to relax, unwind and have quality “me” time.  I wanted to share a few of my nighttime rituals with you (some of which I’ve shared on my instastory!)  A few nights a week, I light a big bundle of sage and leave it burning in a dish on my kitchen counter or nightstand.  You can pick up sage at your local health food store or order it here.  Sage cleanses the air and smells heavenly.  It has a very deep, rich, earthy scent and leaves me feeling incredibly calm.  There’s a ton of information about sage out there which further explains how to use it and it’s benefits.  It’s particularly great for when you move into a new home, go through a breakup or after you get sick!  While my sage is burning, I like to make myself a warm turmeric almond milk latte.  I heat up almond milk on the stove with a bit of this powder – and wallah – I have a delicious golden milk concoction that I can sip on while I read, journal, or take a bath.  Turmeric is an anti inflammatory so I try and incorporate it into my diet whenever I can (it’s also yummy sprinkled on chicken tenders, fish, and homemade sweet potato fries.)  When it comes to reading – I rotate between cheesy romantic novels, self help books and biographies about inspiring women.  It just depends on what mood I’m in!  You can find some of my favorite books here.  When it comes to journaling, truth be told I used to make fun of this guy I dated for journaling… and now feel terrible because it’s actually super therapeutic!!!  I’ll journal about everything from things I’m grateful for, to things I’m annoyed about, to goals or dreams I have.  I LOVE these journals!  Bath time is the best time and I try to take one at least twice a week.  I soak for 20 minutes in an epsom salt bath (which detoxifies, helps sore muscles, and is a great source of magnesium.)  During that time, I put on a clay face mask.  This week’s giveaway is $500 worth of my favorite Caudalie skincare products (including their new Vinoperfect Essence and face mask!)  To enter, simply sign up for my newsletter, and comment below telling me “Signed up.”  I’ll announce the winner on Friday – good luck :)


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