What I've Learned From 8 Years Of Blogging

New York, NY

I celebrated 8 years of blogging yesterday!  It was so special to reminisce and think about all of the wonderful things that this website has brought me. It’s hard to believe that on March 7, 2011, I sat down and wrote my very first blog post.  I was 22 years old and had just graduated from college with a degree in Interior Design.  I was working as a nanny and found myself missing the creative outlet my classes provided.  My blog was meant to be an online journal of sorts where I could share and document everything I loved in life; from fashion to decor, travel, food and more.  I didn’t intend for anyone to read it besides friends and family.  It was just a place for me to store my thoughts and ideas.

It’s funny and ironic to look back, and read that first post as I sit here in my LA home…

In my very first blog post, I write about a trip I had just taken to LA for spring break.  I remember being soooo inspired by the city, and particularly the hotel I stayed at; The Avalon, which was designed by Kelly Wearstler (one of my interior idols!)  At the time, I thought I would move to LA and maybe pursue acting or get a design job, but months later I felt the tug of NYC pulling at my heart and ended up moving East.  It’s crazy how things come full circle.

My blog has evolved over the years – it has grown and changed just as I have.  While I am still heavily fashion based, I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to incorporate several other topics I’m passionate about like food, wellness, travel, decor and beauty.   I’m so grateful that my content has been shared with women all over the world.  I’m so grateful to all of the inspiring souls I’ve encountered along the way. Also, I’m so grateful I’ve been able to collaborate with some of the most innovative and iconic brands.  I’m so grateful to have the freedom to talk about such a wide variety of genres.

Blogging Lessons

I think the biggest lesson I’ve taken away from blogging, is just be yourself.  Do what makes you happy.  Do what makes you feel comfortable.  Yes of course, push yourself and challenge yourself, but also be sure to stick to your gut instinct and follow your heart.  This industry is constantly changing.  It can feel hard to keep up sometimes.  But go at your own pace.  Set the tone for your day and your life – you are in control of your destiny.  Lastly never, ever look at anything as a failure – only a lesson.  We can learn SO much from our mistakes.  It’s during the most difficult times we grow the most!

My mission statement for With Love From Kat and all of the content I produce is simple; I aim to inspire and uplift women.  This intention has kept me connected to my work, has grounded me, and has given my life meaning and purpose.  If you don’t already have a mission statement for your work and/or life – I highly recommend you take the time to figure one out.  Everything truly stems from there.

If you’ve been reading With Love From Kat since the beginning, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your life and journey.  And if you’re new here, welcome!  I hope you’ll stay awhile. <3  To the next 8 years!

J.ing trench c/o (also love this one)  |  Naked Cashmere sweater (similar)
Lee Brevard earrings (also love these)  |  Chanel bag

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