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You may have already heard the announcement – but I’m so excited to share that I’ll be continuing my Wellness Series throughout the year!  I’ve received such positive feedback from the series and have absolutely loved writing about some of my favorite wellness tips/tricks (there will be many more to come!) with you.  It’s been a true joy to connect with so many of you in a different way and I am grateful that With Love From Kat has been able to evolve, grow, and change just as I have!  Today, I am giving you a peek into my pre and post workout routine.  There is a ton of information out there about best practices (i.e. drink a protein shake 30 minutes after your workout, the benefits of fasted cardio, etc.) and I’ll share what works for me.  Again, this is what works for ME so tailor it to your own schedule, lifestyle, and goals!

The first thing I do when I wake up is I meditate for 20 minutes.  I’ve been meditating every single morning for 2 years now and can honestly say, without a doubt, that it has drastically improved my life.  I am so much more calm, focused, energized, and positive (just ask any of my friends or family!) than before I started.  It really gives me that extra pep in my step that I need before a morning workout.  Harvard has done countless studies on the benefits of meditation – specifically transcendental meditation (the kind I do), and I can’t recommend it enough.  At least take an intro class to see what all the fuss is about.  The class I took in NYC, is offered online here!

After I meditate, I sip on hot water with lemon to alkalize my body and get my digestion ready for breakfast.  I used to work out fasted/on an empty stomach, but found that raised my cortisol/stress levels too much and I was struggling to get through a tough workout, so now I only do fasted cardio max 2 times/week.  When I workout fasted, I have a green tea or matcha beforehand for an energy boost (coffee obviously works too.)  If I’m doing hot yoga or a workout where I’m going to sweat a ton, I add a teensy bit of pink Himalayan salt to my water which helps keep me hydrated.  On days when I’m not doing fasted cardio, I drink a light protein shake, or if I’m doing an at home workout, I make this smoothie bowl.  I’ve shared on instastory my banana smoothie replacements and so many of you messaged me about the zucchini (yay!)  I like to use frozen coconut meat (available at Whole Foods) or steamed frozen zucchini as my base since they have zero sugar.  Recently, I’ve been working out more at home and incorporating hikes and bike rides into my fitness routine which has been so nice.

After a tough workout, it is absolutely crucial to eat some kind of protein otherwise you will feel completely depleted for the rest of the day (like I did the other morning!)  It doesn’t mean you have to chug some elaborate body builder protein-esque smoothie – but just some sort of fuel so you don’t crash and can create lean muscle.  This is my go-to smoothie recipe for pre and post workouts.

If I have time to stretch before a workout, I’ll do a few cat/cow, downward dog, yoga flow moves, but let’s be real – most of us barely have time to even make it to a workout class so the stretching part usually comes after!  I’ve mentioned my love of foam rolling before, but I really do notice a huge difference in muscle soreness and my posture.

After I workout, re-fuel, and stretch, I always dry brush.  I had read about Miranda Kerr dry brushing years ago, and after hearing the benefits from several massage therapists I started to do it too.  It increases your  blood flow, circulation and reduces cellulite.  It takes 5 minutes before the shower and kind of hurts at first but you can break in your brush by aggressively rubbing it into a thick towel several times.  It will always feel a bit scratchy, but stick with it!  Move the brush in slow, circular motions up towards your heart (always brush up for lymph drainage) all over your legs, arms, stomach, chest, and back.

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