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I love a teddy coat for fall and the holidays. They’re plush, cozy, and completely make a simple outfit come to life. I’m VERY picky about teddy coats though…I’ve tried on several over the years, and two things that I’ve consistently found are that they’re too bulky and too stiff! A teddy coat is obviously already going to be a bit oversized given the material, but you still want to look cute, am I right?! And further more you want to be able to move comfortably in it! Well, lucky for you, I have found the perfect cozy teddy coat – and it’s under $50!!!

Cozy Teddy Coat

This teddy coat is from the new Scoop collection at Walmart, which I’ve been professing my love for a few months now. I was an avid Scoop shopper when they had a boutique in Soho years ago, and always loved the chic styles they carried. It’s so cool that they’ve reinvented themselves and made their sophisticated styles attainable for everyone now. The quality is beautiful – it really, really is – and I was so impressed with this coat. I bought everything else from the line including these faux leather pants, faux snakeskin booties, and great v-neck sweater. FYI this coat runs true to size, but you could absolutely size up especially if you’re tall (it was a bit short on me and I’m 5’7′.)

If you’re looking for a great heeled black bootie – these ones from Walmart’s Fashion section look WAY more expensive than they are (you may have seen me post a video of them on Stories), and are ridiculously easy to walk in/stand in for hours since they have a chunky heel. I usually wear an 8.5/9 and the size 9 fit me perfectly with a thick sock. If you’re in between sizes I would actually say to size down if you want to wear thin socks and have narrow feet. These boots are going to be an ideal date night heel in the rain/snow since I won’t have to worry about beating them up!!!

Walmart Holiday Fashion

Be sure to check out the entire Scoop collection at Walmart and all of the cute Walmart Fashion holiday pieces. I am telling you, you will be impressed. I currently have my eye on this sequin midi skirt, this black blazer with gold buttons, and this classic cable knit sweater as well.

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Scoop coat (under $50!)  |  Scoop sweater
Scoop pants  |  Scoop boots  |  Beanie (similar, similar)

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  • Rach says:

    Teddy coats are the best during Winter! How cute is is yours. I love that you have a darker brown coat!

    November 20, 2019 | Reply
  • Jae says:

    You look great in brown! Love this entire outfit — such a classic look for Winter!

    November 21, 2019 | Reply
  • Michelle says:


    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Joelle says:

    Any petite friendly teddy coat recommendations?! @joelleheather

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Itzel says:

    Love how you were able to mix an affordable piece with high end pieces. @Itzelkj

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Spencer Corrigan says:

    I would have never thought to pair a brown teddy coat with black and grey – but you did and it looks amazing! Always inspired by neutral colored outfits! Xoxo

    IG handle: @spencercorrigan

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing affordable pieces on your blog, I will have to check out this collection :)

    Instagram: spspsarah

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Shirleen Smiley says:

    Sooo appreciate you including all price points & fashion eye for all ages! Thank you from this Mom of 3 boys.. @shirleensmiles

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Ann says:

    Didn’t expect the pieces to be so affordable; you make them look so expensive!

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Nucharee says:

    Love love this! I’ve been looking for a good affordable teddy coat for a while. Tried on so many, but never liked the way that it looks on me. So I’m definitely going to try this out!

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Katy Odano says:

    Always love the way you style a teddy coat. In the past I wanted to add one to my wardrobe but wasn’t sure it would suit by body shape. I’m so glad I recently went for it, it’s easily become one of my go to coats this year! Thank you and please keep posting, I look forward to them always.
    IG: ake_katy

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Anita says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this teddy coat. I thought it would be way more than what the price is. Love how you always share budget friendly items without compromising style.

    I love your classic style and Charlie, can’t forget about Charlie! 🐶

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Amy says:

    You picked the perfect one! Length, color, fluffiness… Looks so chic.


    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Laura says:

    Hi Kat! Love this look for less! Happy holidays! @LCNIGRO

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Nabil says:

    That teddy coat looks so cozy. 🤩 @n.e.r._

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Nabil says:

    That teddy coat looks so cozy. 🤩 @e.r.r._

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Chelsea says:

    I love how chic you made a teddy coat look, I feel like I’ve only seen them look super trendy/oversized (think Hailey Bieber) but I can see myself wearing one now after seeing how you styled it.

    IG: chelseamarieschmidt

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Katie says:

    Obsessed with this look for winter! So comfy and cute.


    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Anita says:

    Love the grey sweater. I gotta get it

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Anita says:

    @itsteddyboober IG Love the grey sweater. I gotta get it

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Jen says:

    You pull off this look so well!! I certainly couldn’t at my short height! @ucsdjennie

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • Stephanie Cape says:

    I bought the cream Nordstrom coat!! Can’t wait to get it! Love it❤️❤️❤️

    November 23, 2019 | Reply
  • @jimmycrow61 says:

    I love the budget posts, more please!

    November 24, 2019 | Reply
  • Desiree says:

    Obsessed with this teddy coat but they don’t sell it in Canada :( Love it Kat! @desiree_amaya_ ❤️

    November 24, 2019 | Reply