Best Coffee Shops in LA

Silver Lake, LA

Happy Monday!  I’m feeling more settled than ever here in LA.  It’s been over a year since I moved from NYC to LA!  My house is almost done being decorated, I’ve got my go-to restaurants, salons, and shops, and I’m a regular at a handful of local coffee shops.  I’ve done my fair share of exploring and been super impressed with the cafe/coffee shop scene here so I wanted to share my favorite coffee shops!

Best Coffee Shops in LA

Great White Venice
This Aussie cafe just opened a few months ago down the street from my house.  You can see the Venice sign perfectly from the cafe, and it’s one block from the beach!  The decor is dreamy – all white with rattan light fixtures, and the food is equally as dreamy with the best smoothie bowls, avocado toast, matchas and lattes in town.  

The Butcher’s Daughter
This was one of my favorite spots in NYC and I am SO happy they have one a few blocks from my house in Venice.  This darling restaurant is situated right on Abbot Kinney and the decor is to die for.  They make a mean latte and one of the best avocado toasts and kale salads around.

This is another coffee shop in Venice that happens to be started by a super cool NYC Brooklyn guy.  It’s small and intimate – right off the boardwalk, with a super cool downtown vibe.  With a brick exterior and french cafe bistro tables inside, grab one of their yummy drinks and people watch your heart out!

Not many people know this, but if you head into the Tom’s shoe store on Abbot Kinney there’s a coffee shop inside!  They make the best coffee I’ve ever had in my entire life – no joke.  My boyfriend got me hooked and we go several mornings a week (and I used to not even drink coffee!!!)  The vanilla coriander latte has been written up in several magazines and it’s as good as it’s hyped up to be – and their chai is also insaneeeee.

Alfred Tea
You can’t go to LA without getting a coffee or boba tea from Alfred off Melrose in West Hollywood!  Iconic and probably one of the most instagram worthy places in LA :)

This West Hollywood spot is spacious and ideal for people watching.  It’s actually funny what a scene it turns into in the middle of the afternoon!  You’ll see actors and models pop in and out of here, or writers and directors holed up in the corner reading.  It’s right next to Gracias Madre and a ton of other great shops so it’s a perfect spot to hit up in the morning before you go out and explore.

La Colombe
This spot is in Silver Lake (and is where these photos were shot.)  They have a location in NYC as well and make the best oat milk latte.  Yes oat milk!  It’s creamier than almond milk and I can’t resist getting one overtime I’m there.

There are 2 locations in LA; one in Venice right on Abbot Kinney and one in Silver Lake.  I prefer the Silver Lake location – it’s got a gorgeous outdoor seating area and equally gorgeous people always flock to it.  Seriously, you’ll walk by at any given time of the day and a group of dreamy men on motorcycles wearing leather jackets just happen to be hanging outside.  This is THE spot haha!

Plant Food and Wine
This is another inconspicuous coffee spot that’s actually an incredible vegan restaurant by my friend Matthew Kenney.  You’d never know it from the outside – but if you go in the back of the restaurant a spacious light filled garden awaits you.  Their coffee is so pure, so fresh, and 100% organic – my dad who is quite the coffee connoisseur was completely blown away.

Bluestone Lane
YAY!!!!  My favorite NYC Aussie coffee spot that I went to ALL the time in the West Village has finally opened several locations in LA.  I’ve only been to their Hollywood location on La Brea, but they also have one in Studio City and are opening ones in Santa Monica, Venice, and downtown very soon!  Order their green smoothie bowl, avocado toast, and a latte for breakfast!



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