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10 Books Everyone Should Read

I’m chuckling to myself thinking about when I first started reading self help books – it all started about 3 years ago.  I got SUPER into them and like, wanted to read every self help book under the sun for about a year straight.  Every week it was a new Amazon box full of self help books!!!!  I spent my weekends holed up in the bathtub or curled up on my couch, reading and reading and reading. I had been single for about a year, and dated a TON prior to that, and was just over dating and all of the bullshit in general.  Instead of constantly going out, I buried myself in my books and went on a deep soul searching dive.  I was sooooo curious – absorbing everything I was reading about and learning like a sponge.  I had some really eye opening, enlightening moments after reading excerpts from these books – and I still utilize a ton of what I’ve learned in my life today, so I wanted to share these life changing books with you! On a side note – I now go in waves of reading self help books and reading in general.  I feel like you do need to be in the mood or in the right headspace to get into some of these books.  Keep an open mind and just see which books connect with you and draw you in.  Not every best selling, self help book that I’ve ordered has jived with me – and that’s ok.   If a particular book doesn’t jive with you, please don’t throw in the towel for all self help books!  Skim through a few different ones and feel ’em out! Self Help Books1 – DVF’s The Woman I Wanted To BeThis is such a quick read and super inspiring especially if you love fashion/are in the industry and idolize Diane Von Furstenberg like I do.  She’s an extremely resilient woman and embraces the ups and downs she’s faced in life.  I love that she has made it her life mission to empower women – she’s one of my greatest role models and I am still pinching myself that I got to meet her inside her apartment! 2 – The Secret This is a book that I truly think everyone should read and will enjoy.  It’s also a fairly quick read and shares simple life principals that we can all be more aware of and implement in our lives to thrive! 3 – The 5 Love LanguagesHoly crap talk about awakening and a-ha moments!  This book does not only apply to romantic relationships but will help you have a better understanding about your relationships with friends and family.  A definite must. 4- The Drama of the Gifted ChildThis book really helped me work through some unresolved feelings I had in regards to my childhood and my relationship with my parents.  I had a great childhood and I have a wonderful relationship with both of my parents, but of course, like anyone – there’s always family drama or sometimes uncomfortable family dynamics that go on.  No one’s family is perfect!  Everything made a bit more sense after I read this – it’s a classic in the self help, family relationship world. 5 – Lean InI really enjoyed this book and felt empowered knowing I wasn’t alone as a woman in the workplace.  Sheryl offers some great insight and tips with regards of how to carry yourself and handle certain situations at an office. 6 – Daring GreatlyBrene Brown is one of the #1 best selling self help authors.  Her books are incredible and really helped me open up and become more vulnerable. 7 – The Gifts of ImperfectionAnother Brene Brown book that I loved.  This is a great one especially if you are a perfectionist, type A personality like I am. 8 – Men are from Mars, Women are from VenusThis book possesses all of the answers to understanding and communicating with the opposite sex!!!  It’s so on point.  An absolute must read for interpersonal relationships. 9 – Eastern Body Western MindThis book took me a while to get into.  It’s so thick and starts out slow and is kind of serious at first…lol.  But I am so glad I stuck with it, and slowly worked my way through it.  I had some major wake up calls, enlightening moments and can honestly say this book changed my life.  Highly recommend. 10 – Love Style LifeThis is a coffee table book/autobiography/short and sweet self help style book.  Another great book for any woman – but particularly if you have an interest in the fashion industry and love Garance Dore as much as I do!  She’s so real, so cool, so laid back, and her journey to success in the fashion industry is truly inspiring.  I love the way she makes fun of herself and of other bloggers – she will make you laugh and give you honest insight into the world of fashion blogging!!! Other books I love; 10% Happier, I’ll Drink To That, and Grace.   The last two are not self help books, but just quick, fun reads that are great to travel with, will make you laugh and inspire you.  Speaking of Grace – my dear friend Grace of The Stripe always has the best book recommendations!!!  What are some of your favorite self help books?  I’m looking for a new one to dive into! xx
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Venice, CA

How To Be More Confident

It’s taken me almost 30 years to feel this confident and comfortable in my own skin.  (I, of course still get nervous, anxious, uncertain, or self conscious from time to time!)  But I wanted to write today’s post about topics many of you have shown interest in over the past few months; how to feel more confident, how to deal with insecurities and anxiety, how to handle haters and negativity, and how to push through fear or failure.  All of these topics relate to one another and I am going to share techniques that have personally worked for me. Never take advice from someone you don’t admire or want to be like.A friend told me her dad used to tell her this growing up and I absolutely love this statement.  We get advice thrown at us ALL THE TIME – whether it be from our parents, siblings, coworkers, neighbors, advertisements, even strangers!  It can be hard to decipher right from wrong, and make decisions on our own with so many different opinions coming at us.  Take a step back for a second next time someone offers you solicited – or unsolicited advice and really think whether you want to take it or you want it to let it go in one ear and out the other… Constantly check in with yourself and ask yourself how something makes you feel.Does it make you feel good, bad, sad, unsettled?  Pausing and asking yourself this simple question, allows you to think through all of your options and make the right decision for YOU – a decision you can feel confident about. Trust your gut and listen to your intuition- 99.9% of the time it’s right.Your gut KNOWS.  I have ignored my gut instinct many times in my life and have been sooooo disappointed at myself afterwards – listen to that inner voice!!! Accept the fact that you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and be genuinely ok with that.No one is liked by everyone.  There will always be haters, there will always be negativity in the world, there will always be someone saying something about so and so.  There will also always be supporters, lovers, positivity, kindness and karma that will far outweigh that noise – I promise!  How people treat you or anyone else – is actually a reflection of how they feel about themselves.  Does someone who is content and happy inside have the time or desire to attack, put down, or scrutinize others?  Nope!  So just feel sorry for whoever tries to put you down, wish them well, and move on with your life. Surround yourself with genuine people.Find your tribe.  Evaluate all of the relationships in your life and make sure you have cultivated a small handful of real, true, honest friends who will have your back whether you are broke AF, injured, sad, unemployed – you name it.  These people will lift you up and recharge you when you’re feeling down.  These people will reassure you when you need it the most and remind you that you are unique, special and beautiful.   Pull away and steer clear of anyone who makes you feel off or bad about yourself because…“You become like the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Choose wisely.”  This seems pretty obvious right?  But it’s actually not.  It’s actually really hard!  I’ve personally been purging and pulling away from certain friends and acquaintances over the years who either make me feel off (sometimes we can’t even explain it, but again, trust your gut!), come off as vapid, shallow, not uplifting, and/or only want something from me.  What’s extremely tricky about this is that often times these aren’t “bad” people and they probably aren’t purposely trying to be like this!  The two choices you have in a situation like this are – you can confront them about how you’re feeling (which sometimes is great and can actually strengthen a friendship and change the person for the better), or politely bow out of things and let it fade.  You don’t have to be mean about it, or cut people out of your life cold turkey, just do what feels best for you.   Stop thinking everyone is judging you – I swear most people don’t even notice whatever it is you’re worried about.Think about it though – majority of the time everyone is so busy living in their OWN world and head, thinking about their OWN problems, dreams, to-do lists, significant others or plans for the night to even notice the things WE are insecure about!  No one but you is looking at, cares about, or likes you less, because of your pimple, stretch marks, bank account, apartment, whatever it may be.  And if they do I suggest you re-read #6 and go with option #2.   Invest in self care time and become your own best friend.Get in touch with yourself and take care of yourself through massage, baths, therapy, exercise, food, meditation, reading, travel, a new hobby or class.   It is so important to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself.  This is your foundation for life!  We cannot always rely on others, we have to be able to pick ourselves up, give yourselves that pep talk, pat ourselves on the back, and reassure ourselves.  This should probably have gone first on the list! Embrace your quirks and flaws.  BE YOURSELF.  Stop trying to be like everyone else (I am constantly reminding myself of this!)Someone asked me if I ever suffered from imposter syndrome.  If I ever compared myself to others.  If I ever felt bad about myself.  Of course – yes!!!!!!  Especially in my industry.  Social media is an amazing and powerful tool, but let’s be real, it can also be extremely draining and toxic.  We are inundated with images of other people, material objects, places, opinions, literally ALL THE TIME.  It’s a lot.   I want to share a quick story on proof of why it’s SO important to be yourself, listen to your gut and stay true to who you are… A few months ago I hired a consultant to give me creative direction and feedback on my Instagram and social channels since I am in the middle of a rebrand (I can’t wait  for you to see my new website!)  She sent me a PDF of images from 6 influencers who either didn’t have blogs at all or who barely blogged, and were essentially instagram models.  She told me I should start posing like them.  She said I should start taking more selfies because “People love selfies” – and regardless of whether I wanted to, I should do it for the likes – and essentially live for the ‘ gram.  I choked on my water.  WOW I thought this woman does not get me at all – she does not understand the message I am trying to convey or the business I have built over the past 8 years.  Obviously I didn’t take her advice, but I couldn’t help but think for a split second “Well should I take more selfies?”  It was as if the universe heard me, because the next day, a woman writing a book about some of the top female entrepreneurs in the country (Tory Burch being one of them!), reached out to interview me to be included in the book!  She said (among other things that she liked about me) – one was that I didn’t take tons of selfies like a lot of other bloggers.  I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that.  It was the reconfirmation I needed to know that my instinct was right and to keep doing what I was doing and just stay true to myself.  Stock your wardrobe with classic, tailored, neutral business casual pieces that you can mix and match  for any occasion.There’s no denying that slipping on something like a gorgeous, flattering LBD gives us that extra pep in our step.  Or that wearing a chic blazer during a big meeting helps you own a room.  Clothing does play a huge role in confidence and our presentation to the world.  So take a little time for yourself and invest in simple pieces – you don’t have to spend a ton of money – that make you look and feel good! Thank you ladies for all of your feedback on my Wellness series.  It’s been one of the highlights of my career thus far sharing more personal information, tips, and tricks I’ve learned along the way with all of you.  I have so much more to share and so much more to say and I am grateful for such a receptive and supportive audience and community! This week’s giveaway is $250 worth of any products of YOUR CHOICE from  Browse the website and tell me which item you’d be most excited to pick out in the comments below.  Subscribe to my Youtube (I’m so close to 1,000!!!!), Subscribe to my newsletter, Follow me on Instagram, and engage with/like any of my last 3 photos.  Winner will be announced on FRIDAY!  XO SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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South Beach, Miami

How Meditation Changed My Life

Before I started meditating I was your typical high strung New Yorker.  Living life in the fast lane – going out to dinner and drinks every night. Constantly attending events, traveling to a new city or country just about every other week. And never taking a day off from emails, creating content, brand partnerships or editing photos.  While I loved that exciting time period, it also became incredibly stressful. I wasn’t able to shake off that stress like I had in the past through workouts, girls nights, retail therapy, reading, etc.  It felt like I was wearing a heavy blanket of overwhelming anxiety that I just could not get rid of! I confided in my friend and pilates teacher at the time, who always seemed so calm, cool and collected. Despite running her own pilates studio and living in the heart of NYC – and asked her what the heck was her secret.  She told me she did a style of meditation called; Transcendental Meditation.  That night, I went home, googled different styles of meditation, signed up for a class that felt like the right fit for me. (I went with Ziva – a Vedic style which is similar to Transcendental). And now it’s been 3 years since I started meditating! How has meditation changed my life?First of all, I am able to manage stress and stressful situations with so much more ease.  Furthermore, I take things in stride and dissect a situation into mini blocks and tackle each aspect of it piece by piece rather than getting consumed by it. Second, I am so much more positive and happy.  Clinical studies show that a consistent, daily 20 minute meditation practice actually increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. Pretty amazing huh?  I have less social anxiety and anxiety in general. Also, I feel more confident in any social situation I’m put in even if I don’t know anyone or if it’s uncomfortable. My stomach doesn’t feel like it’s in knots from stress, bad news, or work deadlines like it used to.  It’s insane how much emotion we hold in our stomachs and how that effects our digestion! Honestly, I have way more energy all day, feel more well rested, and rarely drink caffeine (maybe once a week now.)  Also, I can power through my workouts, have more stamina and just feel healthier in general. (Meditation is proven to increase your immune system.) In addition, I do not get jet lagged and time difference doesn’t effect me at all – yet another benefit of meditating. I’m so much more calm and relaxed.Just ask my friends and family members who have known my Type A, perfectionist self forever. ;)  I’m able to think more clearly and be more productive with my time and time management. Overall, I have continued to feel more and more grounded, open to the unknown (which I couldn’t say in the past as a bit of a control freak). And prepared for the ups and downs in life. A lot of you have been asking me if I can teach you how to meditate or write about how to do it.  There are many different types of meditation and many different ways you can meditate… While it is a simple concept, I really do feel that it’s best to take a class and learn from an expert!  I’ve read several books on meditation, but nothing has been as effective as the Vedic meditation class I took in NYC called: Ziva Meditation(Which also offers an online class. By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post or affiliated with Ziva in anyway. I just loved the experience I had there.) It’s a 4 day course (2 hours per day) so you can easily incorporate it into your life.  I’m partial to a 20 minute seated mantra meditation because not only do scientific studies prove it’s insanely effective (Which is why celebrities like Oprah, Jenna Dewan, Fortune 500 executives and top athletes practice it as well). BUT it’s something that I’ve been able to enjoy and stick with consistently everyday for 3 years without ever missing a day.  Note – Vedic is similar to “TM” or Transcendental Meditation which you may have heard of. In that they are both 20 minute seated meditations you do with a mantra.  There are lots of debates comparing the two. And I say choose whichever style or class jumps out at you. It’s such a personal experience! Even though I don’t feel comfortable teaching anyone how to meditate (again it’s such a personal process and you should really choose the right style for you!). I’ll tell you in general how Vedic and Transcendental meditation work!  When you sign up for a course, your teacher will give you an ancient Sanskrit word that you repeat silently in your head, while sitting upright (I sit up in my bed) over and over again for 20 minutes. (I do this first thing every morning before anything else.)It’s called your “mantra” and basically acts as a tool to guide you into a relaxed state of mind.  No one’s brain can repeat the same word for 20 minutes straight without having other thoughts… So your mind will drift which is part of the process and totally normal! You may start thinking about your grocery list, the dinner you have later that night, the random bird chirping outside your window… Just let all of those thoughts come, and then once you realized you’ve trailed off from the mantra you start repeating it again.  You keep a clock within eyesight and peek at it whenever you think you’re getting close to the 20 minute mark.  What’s crazy is that our bodies circadian rhythm somehow will usually always let us know when it’s been 10 minutes or 20 minutes exactly!  SERIOUSLY!  When I first started, I would get nervous that I would accidentally go over the 20 minute mark and miss a meeting. But I never did. Usually, I peek at the clock at the 10 minute mark, realize it hasn’t been 20 minutes, then close my eyes and peek once more.  Once I see it’s been 20 minutes, I have a 2-3 minute “come down” from the meditation. Which is where I say what I am thankful for and just give myself positive affirmations.  This allows you to not be dizzy/lightheaded after the deep state of relaxation you just put your brain in! Also, I pop up from my meditation feeling energized and refreshed. You may be thinking…20 minutes a day?!That means I have to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual?!  But 20 minutes is honestly nothing compared to what you’ll gain from practicing meditation.  Meditation will become such a part of your morning routine it will be like brushing your teeth. No joke!  Like I said, I have never, ever missed a morning meditation in 3 years. Even when I’ve been soooo tired or haven’t felt like doing it.  The benefits I get from it are just too good to miss out on.  You can meditate in your bed, in a cab, on a train, in an airplane, at a friend’s house, laying out by the pool, at your desk chair – anywhere.  You can meditate with the lights on, with people talking in the background. Even with horns honking, or in complete silence.  So what are you waiting for?!I hope you enjoyed this week’s Wellness Wednesday post. It’s one that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time!  A big congrats to Emily from Virginia for winning last week’s giveaway!  This week’s giveaway is an entire box of Bliss Spa goodies for you and your bestie.  Each box comes 10 full size Bliss Spa products including a clay mask, facial cleanser, bath bomb, makeup remover, makeup wipes, foaming cleanser, body wash, and lemon & sage moisturizer (which is to die for.).  To enter this giveaway, Subscribe to my Youtube and newsletter, Follow me on Instagram and like any of my last 3 photos. Also, leave me a comment below saying “Subscribed and Followed”!  Winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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My Thoughts on Diets

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you’re doing something fun today!  Derek and I are heading to the beach today for a picnic and bike ride :)  It’s Wellness Wednesday which means I’m giving away something amazing (read on)…and talking about a wellness topic that I’m super passionate about: DIETS and DIETING!In the last few years I’ve tried soooooo many different diets in an effort to figure out which one would help me look and feel my BEST.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve suffered from stomach pains, digestion issues, inflammation and food sensitivities for 3+ years.  I’ve visited countless top gastroenterologists, nutritionists, naturopaths, and specialists to try and pinpoint what the heck was causing it all! One of them told me to take Pepto Bismol for the rest of my life (LIKE WHAT?!). Some told me to go vegan, some told me to go paleo, some told me to take weird shakes and supplements. Basically no one ever had a solution that actually WORKED long term even after a handful of blood tests and endoscopies.  So after lots of frustrating visits and embarrassing bloating, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have been researching and eliminating/then reintroducing several foods into my diet ever since. First of all, I don’t really like the word diet.I associate it with deprivation, restrictions and sad salads.   My diet isn’t even really a “diet” but a lifestyle.  It’s a way of living and eating that I’ve come up with that is 100% unique to me that makes me feel vibrant, sharp, glowing, and energetic.  What are your thoughts on diets?  Do you think our society should change the way we think and talk about diets?  Have you been frustrated with doctors and misdiagnoses as well?  Suffered from food sensitivities and digestion issues? Below are all of the diets I’ve tried – and what I’ve learned or adapted from each.  As a reminder, I am not a doctor and you should consult with your own doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes! My DietMy diet is a lifestyle that is 100% unique and tailored to ME based on years of trial and error.  It is closest to the 80/20 diet.  I eat anti-inflammatory, gluten free, dairy free, low histamine (see #3), organic food 80% of the time and then pretty much whatever I want 20% of the time.  However, some weeks it’s 90% vs 10% depending on how my stomach is feeling. Also,  I never crave/eat stuff like soda, fast food, red meat, pork, and rarely drink alcohol, so the 20% free-for-all is usually stuff like pasta, bread or dessert when I’m out to dinner! Honestly,  I know my body SO well now so I know that eating tons of gluten and dairy for 3+ days in a row will leave me feeling like crap for a week. But 1 or 2 days of it and I’m fine (especially in Europe where the gluten is different!).  If I have a big photo shoot coming up, I steer clear of dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol for at least 2+ days beforehand.  In addition, I don’t count calories and I don’t feel guilty for eating something indulgent.  I love my body and I truly believe life is all about balance.  Being overly restrictive leads to binge eating and stress – life is too short for that!  I’d rather enjoy pizza and pasta than obsess over being a size 0.  What I typically eat in a day at home (when I don’t go out to eat); 7AM hot water with lemon, 9AM green juice, 10:30AM (optional if I am hungry) either a homemade gluten free oatmeal energy bar, buckwheat waffle, or sometimes 2 scrambled eggs. 1PM salad with pesto chicken, 3PM handful of popcorn, seaweed or flax seed crackers. 6PM sweet potato with coconut oil and steamed veggies, white rice with wild salmon and veggies. Or kelp noodles with zucchini, pine nuts and pesto.  I do not take any supplements, vitamins or probiotics at the moment. 80/20I love the 80/20 diet and mentality because it means you pretty much eat healthy food 80% of the time and indulgent food/whatever you want 20% of the time.  I feel like this is a realistic way of thinking about a diet rather than trying to be super strict and perfect 24/7. (Which in the past has made me “cheat” and crave certain foods even more.) Low HistamineI recently found out I have a histamine intolerance!  What’s tricky about this – is there’s not really a medical “test” that confirms this. And it’s also not super well known in the medical community.  I did a ton of research on this after I had hunch that I had it and decided to eliminate high histamine/histamine releasing food for 1 month to see how I felt.   After only a few days my bloating went away, brain fog disappeared and I legit felt happier and more like myself.  Turns out, even though I was eating healthy foods like avocado, dark chocolate, citrus, berries, nuts, green tea, coffee, spinach, and even probiotics (yep I stopped taking them for the time being!). They are all high histamine releasing foods and were making me sick.  The great news is you can heal a histamine intolerance and I do not have to eliminate those foods forever! Alkaline/Anti-InflammatoryThis type of diet helps protect against certain diseases and regulates blood sugar levels.  It encourages you to eat lots of fiber, fruit, veggies, healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids. Also, high alkaline food and no processed food/refined sugar.  I try to eat this way 80% of the time!   PaleoThis diet focuses on natural foods, healthy fat and protein – and eliminates processed food, grains, starchy vegetables, beans, sugar, and sweeteners.   I tried being strict paleo for a while, but it didn’t work for me.  Personally, I don’t feel my best when I eat a high fat/high protein diet and felt too restricted eliminating all of the food I mentioned above. Also,  I thrive when I have a well rounded diet with a little rice, sweet potato, chicken, wild salmon, and of course lots of veggies and seeds.  My sister and her fiancé on the other hand, love the paleo diet and feel their best on it.   VeganIn: veggies, fruits, tofu/tempeh, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners (no honey.)  Out: eggs, dairy, animal protein, animal oils/fats.  I went vegan for a month and since I don’t like soy, quinoa, or legumes I felt like it was too restrictive for me.  I can’t eat a lot of nuts because of my histamine intolerance. And I enjoy chicken/wild caught fish so this particular diet just doesn’t jive with my bod or personal preferences. However everyone is different and if it works for you then that’s great! VegetarianThere are a few different types of vegetarian diets. Vegan as I mentioned above, pescatarian, lacto-vegetarian….The simplest definition of it is a diet free of fish and meat.  After watching countless documentaries and reading tons of articles over the years, there’s no doubt in my mind that eating less meat is better for me.  I have definitely cut back on eating meat especially in the last year. And I don’t eat it everyday of the week and certainly not at every meal.  When I do eat meat, it’s organic free-range chicken and wild, fresh caught salmon.   Keto/Low CarbThe Keto diet is definitely having a moment this year.  You may have watched The Magic Pill documentary (super interesting – go watch it if you haven’t) or read about it online.  Basically you eat 80% fat and little to no carbs.  Your body then goes into ketosis and burns fat for energy.  I have SIBO, which has contributed to my digestion issues and histamine intolerance. So I tried Keto for 6 weeks to heal my gut.  I eliminated all grains, sugar, starchy vegetables, even fruit. Basically, I  ate only non starchy veggies, eggs, chicken, fish, avocado, nuts, and seeds.   Sadly I actually felt worse eating this way!  My stomach ballooned making me look pregnant (not fun!). My digestion was sluggish and I just felt so inflamed.  I think part of that could have been from eating the avocado and nuts (high histamine foods). However, this just goes to show, that one diet does not fit all and that sometimes you have to do lots of trial and error to see what works for YOU.  Some people’s bodies process carbs really well, while others don’t.  Some people’s bodies process protein and fat really well –  and some don’t!  We are all so different and unique. Intermittent FastingThere are a ton of benefits to intermittent fasting from curbing cravings to weight loss to improving autoimmune conditions.  Reminder – before trying it or making drastic changes consult your doctor.  It is not recommended for everyone – and women with hormone sensitivities/issues should be cautious or not do it at all.  I recently started doing a very basic version of intermittent fasting. Where I make sure that my body has at least 12 hours to digest between dinner and breakfast.   Usually, I aim for 14-16 hours which means that I eat dinner around 6PM and breakfast around 9AM.  Nothing drastic – but this window  allows me to wake up feeling more refreshed, energetic, and I’ve noticed that it’s improved my digestion.  The first thing I have to “break the fast” is a big green juice which I show you how to make in my latest Vlog!  Having a juice or smoothie as your first meal is a great way to wake up your digestive system and set the tone for the day. MacronutrientI’ve heard great things from several other bloggers about counting Macros.  They’ve said they’ve lost a ton of weight and never feel deprived.  I personally don’t want to count the grams of carbs, protein and fat in everything I eat throughout the day so this diet wouldn’t work for me, however, if you are disciplined and/or have a weight loss goal in mind then it sounds pretty logical and reasonable!  It seems like the best way to go about it is to meet with a dietitian, or determine your macronutrient ratio which is based on your age, height, weight, activity level and goal. This week’s giveaway is a box full of Tone It Up goodies; their full nutrition plan book, workout bands, water bottle, protein bar and the cutest tupperware (a $170 value!)  To enter; Subscribe to my Youtube channel, Subscribe to my Newsletter, Follow me on Instagram and like any of my last 3 photos, and leave a comment below telling me “Subscribed and followed!”  Bonus points if you tell me about your dieting experience – pros, cons, fave ones, etc! XO SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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